Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yeasayer - Odd Blood

01. The Children
02. Ambling Alp
03. Madder Red
04. I Remember
05. ONE
06. Love Me Girl
07. Rome
08. Strange Reunions
09. Mondegreen
10. Grizelda

To create Odd Blood, Yeasayer holed themselves up in the hills of Woodstock, NY, before putting the final touches on the album in New York City. Those are certainly fitting locations for a band that often moves so deftly between middle-of-nowhere experimentation and the sharp melodies of city streets. With the band promising another thickly layered set of quirky pop, and their new home at ever-consistent Secretly Canadian label, this follow up to the excellent All Hour Cymbals comes with no shortage of anticipation.


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