Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tectonic Plates Vol. 2

CD 1 - Selected Tracks
1 Martyn - Yet
2 2562 - Kontrol
3 Skream - Trapped In A Dark Bubble
4 Benga - Technocal
5 Flying Lotus - Glendale Galleria
6 Joker - Untitled_Rsn
7 Pinch & Moving Ninja - False Flag
8 Peverelist - Junktion (Shed Remix)
9 2562 - Greyscale
10 Skream - Percression
11 RSD -Forward Youth
12 Pinch - Joyride

CD2 - Mixed by Pinch
1 2nd II None - Waterfallz (Peverelist Remix)
2 Loefah - Just A Beat
3 Peverelist - Blues
4 2562 - Kontrol
5 Skream - Trapped In A Dark Bubble
6 Joker - Untitled_rsn
7 Mala & Sgt Pokes - Answer Me
8 30Hz - Mutate(D) (Pinch Re-work)
9 2562 - Third Wave
10 Clue Kid - Chicken Food
11 RSD - Over It
12 Jack Sparrow & Biggins - Fullest
13 Deleted Scenes - Terminate
14 Cyrus - Space Cadet
15 Omen - Organ Grinder
16 Martyn - Yet
17 MRK1 - Revolution 909
18 Distance - Menace
19 Joker & Rustie - Play Doe
20 Pinch - Get Up feat. Yolanda (RSD remix)
21 Skream - Oi Kum Ere Sun
22 2562 - Love In Outer Space
23 Benga - Technocal
24 Pinch - E.Motive
25 I.D. & Skinz - The Blues
26 Joker & Ginz - Purple City
27 Flying Lotus - Glendale Galleria

Even since before dubstep exploded into the public consciousness at the beginning of 2006 Tectonic Records have been one of maybe three or four labels that have maintained a focussed vision and reliably consistent output pushing at the boundaries of the genre. Helmed by DJ Pinch, and featuring a roll call of the best producers in the game, the label still holds a vice-like grip on the scene particularly as the latest series of Tectonic Plates fixes its place in the bags of dubstep players across the world. As the series reaches it's climax this CD version drops with one disc of unmixed tracks from the vinyls and another mixed by Pinch featuring too many exclusives to count. The unmixed CD collects together tracks from Martyn, 2562, Flying Lotus, Joker, Pinch, Peverelist ('Junktion' remixed by Shed!!!), Skream, Benga and RSD for a veritable Bass jamboree to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. For a proper future shock check the second disc mixed by Pinch. Starting with Peverelist's remix of 'Waterfallz' is a choice move in our books, but proceeding to drop unreleased and exclusive tracks from Loefah's 'Just A Beat', Peverelist's highly sought after 'Blues', Mala's Answer Me', 2652's 'Third Wave' & 'Love In Outer Space' is just ruling tings hard! I can't be arsed writing the rest of the tracks down (there's 27 in total) but you can rest assured they're all of the highest calibre and mixed tighter than a pair of Topman duds. Well recommended!

Sébastien Schuller - Evenfall

01. Morning Mist
02. Open Organ
03. Balanзoire
04. Awakening
05. The Border
06. New York
07. Battle
08. Last Time
09. Midnight
10. High Green Grass

Sébastien Schuller is incontestably an artist who takes you by surprise.

Sébastien Schuller is a classically trained percussionist who became an accomplished and eclectic multi-instrumentalist over the years, composing and interpreting his own work, backed by a few hand picked friends, including Paul Hanford (Brothers in Sound, Sancho).

A thirtysomething from Les Yvelines in the Parisian suburbs, Sébastien Schuller thrives on enhancing sounds of acoustic and natural resonance with touches of electronica. Throughout the album, which balances tantric instrumentals with tinges of pop you can almost dance to, a thread of tortuous and contrasting emotions is unravelled.

Evenfall is the upcoming LP from Paris’ Sebastien Schuller (out May 25), and the album’s stunning collage cover artwork is by one of my favorite artists, the amazing Agnes Montgomery. You may recall Montgomery’s glorious Pool Party, which graced the cover of Panda Bear’s Person Pitch, and is probably the most uncannily fitting album artwork of, well, ever. Listen to Schuller’s new song from Evenfall, "The Border," at his myspace page.

Engineers - Three Fact Fader

01. Clean Coloured Wire
02. Sometimes I Realise
03. International Dirge
04. Helped By Science?
05. Brighter As We Fall
06. Hang Your Head
07. Crawl From The Wreckage
08. Three Fact Fader
09. Song For Andy
10. Emergency Room
11. The Fear Has Gone
12. Be What You Are
13. What Pushed Us Together

Engineers are back. Four years after the release of their landmark debut, the band return with their epic second album, Three Fact Fader.

The 13-track album was produced by the band along with Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, M83, Maps) over a period of two years, with the final tracks being completed earlier this year. It comes packaged in stunning artwork by legendary music photographer Tom Sheehan.

Engineers are not like any other band. Onstage Simon Phipps is the singer, Dan Macbean is the guitarist, Mark Peters is the bassist and Sweeney is the drummer, but the real clue is in their name: they approach their music like engineers, carefully constructing wonderful walls of sound.

Following the rapturous reception that greeted their mini-album Folly in 2004 and debut Engineers the following year, its taken them a long time to build their epic second album, Three Fact Fader. After initial recording sessions, Engineers became unwitting victims of record company restructuring and the album was left in limbo, unfinished until the band reconvened earlier this year, largely motivated by public support. The band have now found a home on Kscope and at long last the album will be released.

DatA - Skywriter

01. Verdict
02. One In a Million
03. Aerius Light
04. So Much in Love
05. Electric Fever
06. Nightmare
07. Rapture
08. Renaissance Theme
09. Skywriter
10. Morphosis
11. Blood Theme

I'm feeling the hype for DatA's 25 May release Skywriter. The honeymoon with Tiga's Ciao! has come to a halt but it was very much needed in the lacking electro genre. Just like Ciao!, Skywriter will give 2009's electro genre a much needed boost. I'm really diggin' the gritty sounds on Blood Theme and Nightmare. Not only are those awesome, but also the Elizabethan electro on Renaissance and Verdict. Unfortunately, I've only got previews to offer but it is only a few more weeks till release. After looking at the tracklisting for Skywriter, DatA has brought back some old material for this release (such as Aerius Light, Morphosis) and has not bombarded the tracklist with electro-pop.

Kap Bambino - Blacklist

1. Blacklist
2. 11.38
3. Dead Lazers
4. Lezard
5. Red Sign
6. Rezozero
7. Batcaves
8. Blue Screen
9. Human Pills
10. Plague
11. Blonde Roses
12. Acid Eyes

Kap Bambino is an electronic musical duo from Bordeaux, France. The group is known for Caroline Martial's wild vocals and Orion Bouvier' electronic metal mixes. The group is also known for their excited live performances, thus them being a part of the festivals ZXZW, Dot to Dot[1] and playing shows with Felix Kubin, DAT Politics, These New Puritans, Late of the Pier and Patric Catani. In 2001, Martial formed the group's own independent label, "wwilko". They have been featured in NME, Another Magazine, Dummy Mag and Dazed and Confused. Additionally, the group was featured in Matt Irwin's 2007 film for Armani Exchange. Caroline is listed among the "hottest young models .. in London and New York." The group has independently toured all over Europe, Japan and Mexico. The two have separate side projects outside of Kap Bambino, Bouvier is "Groupgris", and Martial is "Khima France".

Born in October 2001 in Bordeaux, France along with their own label WWILKO, KAP BAMBINO (Orion Bouvier and Caroline Martial) play an effective and energetic contemporary electronic music.

Based on incisive rhythms, intoxicating riffs and dyslexic lyrics, this music defies classification. Out of control, it is sometimes pop and melancholic, sometimes skinned-raw, but always aggressive. They try to exist in the fringe of the French musical movement, like some no-future bastards, totally devoted to non-stop amazing performance. They perform all their live shows as if they play with their own lives. On stage, the KAP BAMBINO’s impressive turmoil has an identity of its own - playful, wild and without compromise.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bondage Fairies - Cheap Italian Wine

01. Rymd
02. Zeta Reticule
03. Action Figures
04. Ska-Edeby
05. Garbage Indie Bands
06. Why I didn't like August 93
07. I eat Children
08. Forget the Image, I got a Heart
09. Girls are sick
10. Monolith
11. Her Disease
12. Jens and the Magician
13. NV4.dll
14. Tsunami Surfers
15. Bee Bee Prime vs. Bee Bee Ferocious
16. Russian White

Cheap Italian Wine is Bondage Fairies (Stockholm) highly awaited album follow-up of their smash debut "What you didn't know when you hired me" (2005). Bondage Fairies is Elvis Creep and Deus Deceptor their music have evolved from Nintendo punk on their first album to
a more complex mix with influences from both southern gothic mysticism and sound experiments of the 70s, still electro driven rock n roll with punk attitude and always pointed away from the ordinary norms of know social behaviour. This special mix have step by step over the years build an ever growing strong fan base around Europe. Their brand new European tour kick-offs late April in St Petersburg and Moscow and continues with over ten more gigs in different German cities during May. The tour will climax on May 9th when the Fairies enters the Hafenklang venue in St Pauli Hamburg followed by the most fanatic Fairies fans

Monday, May 25, 2009

Monolake - Atlas

01 Atlas
02 Titan

Monolake was formed in 1995 as the duo of Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke, although on later albums the group consisted of Henke alone, with Behles focusing his time on running the Ableton software company. Their sound can generally be described as minimal techno filled with nice touch of fine tech dub, although the 1999 Gobi. The Desert EP, which contains a single 37-minute atmospheric piece, is a notable exception. Monolake first released an album and several 12”s on Berlin’s Chain Reaction label, then on Monolake/Imbalance Computer Music, which is operated by Robert Henke.

Andrew Bird - Fitz and the Dizzyspells EP

01. Fitz & The Dizzyspells
02. Sectionate City
03. Ten-You-Us
04. See The Enemy
05. The Nightshade Gets In It

Chicagoan prodigy Andrew Bird is still riding the wave of acclaim that followed the release of Noble Beast earlier this year, to the extent that he now returns to that spurt of creativity with this new EP, which, if it were a software release, would be called Noble Beast Version 1.5. But Bird’s music is as far removed from mechanistic sound engineering as it gets, and here he provides more evidence, if it were needed, of his ornate talents. The raw reworkings of Noble Beast tracks like Tenuousness (Ten-You-Us) and Anonanimal (See The Enemy) cast subtly different hues on familiar melodies. But with no new material to mull over, this is likely to pique the interest of committed fans

Vuk - The Plains

1.Flint in The Pines
2. The Arms of Spirits
3. Red-beard
4. Accidental Mermaid
5. Gramophone and Periscope
6. Barefoot in Arizona
7. Kiss The Assassin
8. All My Worries
9. The Plains

...Then comes Vuk, 27-year multi-instrumental Finnish-American Emily Cheeger, an ex-Dirty Projector (she sang on The Getty Address, did various singing percussion from 2002-2005), who currently plays a pump organ (and half a dozen instruments) while belting out vocals that can be beautifully fragile and beautifully taunting and, in general, always straight-up powerful.

Flunk - This Is What You Get

01. Dying To See You
02. Common Sense
03. Cigarette Burns
04. Ride
05. Love Hearts
06. Speedskating
07. Stain
08. Cardboard Rebel
09. Shoreline
10. Down
11. Karma Police

"This Is What You Get" is a natural evolution from their last album "Personal Stereo" (2007), with a darker and more experimental feel, with the electronic elements more present in the sound. This time with a distinct inspiration from the backstreets of London, with dubstep-elements (Stain, Shoreline, and partly in Dying To See You), and house-elements (Common Sense), but also a small dose of plain rock (Ride). The pop elements are still there, for example in Cigarette Burns,Common Sense, og Down.

Flunk have the habit of including a covertrack on each album, this time the Radiohead-classic Karma Police gets the Flunk treatement, with rough, edgy syncopated rhythms and Anja's lovely vocals.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pajo - Scream with Me

1 Angelfuck
2 Hybrid Moments
3 Where Eagles Dare
4 Bullet
5 Teenagers From Mars
6 Devil's Whorehouse
7 I Turned Into A Martian
8 Horror Business
9 Attitude

Experimental cover albums generally tend to disappoint. Usually an artist’s motives for interpretation are sound, yet the final product is rarely impressive, often belittling the original work. Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon), known for his “interpretive covers,” has reconstructed a myriad of works ranging from Francis Scott Key’s “The Star Spangled Banner,” to various AC/DC tracks, to an entire collection of Modest Mouse songs (Sun Kil Moon – Tiny Cities). The problem with Kozelek’s covers, as with others who compose hyper-experimental covers, is that frankly, no one really cares. All he really did (and this is no knock on Kozelek’s earlier work like Down Colorful Hill, just his questionable later years) was write a completely unrelated song with his own trademark musical style. Then instead of writing lyrics that could tie a noose around any listener’s neck, he used the author’s original ones…obviously.
Unlike Kozelek’s frequent use of “poetic license,” David Pajo’s relatively unknown, vinyl only release, Scream With Me, finds a tolerable balance between interpretation and reiteration. As you’ve probably guessed, the record takes a rather sobering look at a collection of songs from the original Kings of the Underworld, The Misfits.
Pajo is probably the most important guitarist since the late 80s, and even though this record doesn’t really add to his impressive resumé (Slint – Spiderland & Tweez, Tortoise – Millions Now Living Will Never Die & TNT, Royal Trux – 3 Song EP), it does serve as an intriguing work backed by a semi-original idea. I’d like to note here that I have been acoustically covering “Hybrid Moments” for over two years now, leading me to believe that Pajo’s been using me as his own personal fountain of creativity. Hence, semi-original.
Anyways, if you the thought 3-chord punk couldn’t be simplified any further, then you’ve been misled. Pajo takes punk’s musical manifesto and turns it into very simple lo-fi acoustic jams. Pajo follows the chordal tonality of each song, then turning the power chords into natural chords more suitable for the tenderness of plucking and finger picking. Pajo’s feeble vocals could bother some, but I found them to be pleasantly human.
You’re not going to find a whole lot of progressive jazz riffs, piercing harmonics, spastic time signatures or anything else that made Pajo a Louisville legend, but there is a great way to enjoy this album: build a camp fire deep within your local wilderness destination, crack open a few cold ones and indulge in one of the most epic sing-a-longs courtesy of Pajo, and of course, Dr. Glenn Danzig.

Sunset Rubdown – Dragonslayer

1. Silver Moons
2. Idiot Heart
3. Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!
4. Black Swan
5. Paper Lace
6. You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)
7. Nightingale / December Song
8. Dragon’s Lair

While his fellow songwriter in Wolf Parade Dan Boeckner has cranked out two albums as Handsome Furs, Spencer Krug has been all over the place, cutting two records as a member of Swan Lake, and another two as Sunset Rubdown. The third album by Sunset Rubdown, Dragonslayer, is perhaps the most anticipated record from the Wolf Parade set since their full-length debut, as Krug's side project has blossomed into a dominante force. Dragonslayer contains the sprawling, disjointed Bowie jams that Krug brought to Wolf Parade, backed by a four-piece band sounding more assured in their roles.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kitsune Maison Compilation 7

01 Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
02 We Have Band Feat Yulia - Time After Time
03 Phoenix - Lisztomania (Classixx Version)
04 Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth (Xtra loud Mix)
05 The Golden Filter - Favourite Things
06 La Roux - In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix)
07 Beni - Fringe Element (Shorts Like Me Edit)
08 Autokratz - Always More (Yuksek Remix)
09 80kidz - Miss Mars
10 James Yuill - This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)
11 Men - Make It Reverse
12 Chew Lips - Solo
13 Chateau Marmont - Beagle
14 Heartsrevolution - Bara To Kanojyo To Ouji
15 Delphic - Counterpoint (Delphics En Route Mix)
16 Interlude - Encore
17 Maybb - Touring In Ny (Short Tour Edit)
18 Renaissance Man - Rythym
19 Tanlines - Bejan

I think I’m so excited I think I may actually wee! The reason is Kitsuné Maison 7 aka the lucky one will be released June 9th!

Lucky 7 is gonna be a goodie indeed, with the addition of newcomers alongside some bands they have remained loyal too, however with such an ever expanding network at their finger tips I’m wondering if their compilations will run as long as the NOW ones!

“Kitsuné Maison 7” will be released June 9, 2009 on Kitsune. Pick it up on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, eMusic, and other fine digital outlets.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hennon - Ear To Mouth EP

1. Ear To Mouth
2. Heart To Ear
3. Tirem

Very special project from Stephan Bodzin & Andres Henneberg. Crazy escalation of a distinctive vocal sampler...

Andomat 3000 - Quarzy feat. F.L.O EP Remixes

01 Delirium Tremens (Pan-Pot Remix)
02 Delirium Tremens (Goldwill Dementia Clemens Remix)

After the original Ep of Andomat 3000 also on eimaleins, a good construction and a great work by the way (as always on einmaleins), now comes the remixes of “Quarzy Ep” where the only track submitted to the uplift was “Delirium Tremens” where Pan Pot and Goldwill hold the reconstruction and re-interpretation of track’s sense.

So, as arrives, you put it playing in the A side and you just dropped the needle on Pan Pot’s interpretation of the world. The bass graphs start appearing on the horizon and you came across a metallic sound tickling from time to time while the drived bass keeps your energy on and as it goes things appear static, where it isn’t in anyway. The track pulls you into a non-stop feeling and you start to realize how things are here, a great listen. And as this metallic sound keeps coming things get hot in a techno dark progressive way, the minimal is the attention dedicated to details ;). Pan Pot’s world.
Goldwill, who released three Ep’s, makes a good work, entering the connection and pattern that the track demands, even if sometimes you feel everything as just a loop, he appears with a detail or a break into something new and adds some harmony. Appart the quality and some attention in construction, it seems only a track constructed on a basics structural way, where it can’t pick you or drop you in a heavily sense. Still, a name to see in next

Official Secrets Act - Understanding Electricity

1. Mainstream
2. So Tomorrow
3. The Girl From The BBC
4. Little Birds
5. Hold The Line
6. A Head For Herod
7. Momentary Sanctuary
8. Bloodsport
9. Victoria
10. December
11. Under The Flightpath

Four sprightly young fellows with side-partings and a penchant for effervescent, radio-friendly pop-rock. Thomas Burke (vocals, guitar), Lawrence Diamond (bass) and Alexander MacKenzie (drums) formed the band at Leeds University, after bonding over an interest in British military history. Michael Evans (harmonium, synths) joined after catching one of their early, exuberant gigs.

Their lyrics for starters - Take Victoria is a baroque romp about drug-fuelled sex which involves copy trays and dressing gowns. Elsewhere, they play with intriguing song titles such as A Head for Herod and Momentary Sanctuary.

Imagine the pure pop moments of the Waterboys or Prefab Sprout given a hefty dose of mood-enhancers. And, now and then, they tip their hats to the Divine Comedy, Jacques Brel and OMD.

They are gigging widely throughout March and April. You can hear them at The single Girl from the BBC comes out on 16 March on One Little Indian, and their debut album, Understanding Electricity, on 30 March.

A Bugged Out Mix by Hot Chip

CD 1:
01. Gas — Nah Und Fern
02. Theo Parish — Space Bumps
03. Exrawelt & Morelle — Schmedding
04. Joseph Capriati — C'est La Vie
05. Philip Sherburne — The Claim
06. Armando — Don't Take It (Thomos Edit)
07. Harry Axt — Deliberately Selected
08. Florian Meindel — Blast
09. Conrad Schnitzler — 00/346 & 00/380 (Dandy Jack & The Queen Of Mars Remix)
10. John Tejada — Torque
11. Pig & Dan — Hope
12. Peverelist — Junktion
13. Cosmic Sandwich — Cosmic Sandwich (Cosmic Sandwich Remix)
14. Hot Chip — Take It In
15. Mark Henning — Moody Bastard
16. District One aka Bart Skils & Anton Pieete — One2One
17. Mory Kante — Yeke Yeke (Afro Acid Mix)
18. Ican — Chiclet's Theme
19. Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda — Eucalypse Now!
20. Alex Cappelli — Bloody Notes (Butch Remix)
21. Kollektiv Turmstrasse — Blutsbruder
22. Marc Romboy — Karambolage (Oxia Remix)
23. International Pony feat Khan & Snax — Bubble In The Bottle (Pepe Braddock Remix)
24. Max Cooper — I (Long Version)

CD 2:
01. The Pictish Trail — Winter Home Disco (Hot Chip Remix)
02. The Andrews Sisters — Rum & Coca Cola
03. The Esso Trinidad Steel Band — Apeman
04. Bravo & Zongamin — Street Liming
05. Greco Roman — Party Rhythm
06. Osborne — 16th Stage
07. Man Like Me — London Town
08. Fleetwood Mac — Love In Store
09. The Doobie Brothers — What A Fool Believes
10. Gramme — I Can't Resist (Sick Of My Music Mix)
11. Gang Gang Dance — House Jam (Hot Chip Remix)
12. Daryl Hall & John Oates — I Can't Go For that (No Can Do)
13. Dub Narcotic Sound System — Shake A Puddin'
14. Luther Vandross — Never Too Much
15. Terence Trent D'Arby — Wishing Well with Dizzee Rascal — Fix Up, Look Sharp
16. Biz Markie — Just A Friend
17. Sparks — The Number One Song In Heaven
18. Robert Palmer — Looking For Clues
19. Zapp & Roger — I Wanna Be Your Man
20. Eddie Floyd — Bring It On Home To Me

Electro geek chic pioneers Hot Chip are due to curate a new instalment of the mix series 'Bugged Out'. Hot Chip are one of the most celebrated groups in dance music. Blending the liquid funk of Prince with some left field beats the band have hit upon a unique formula.

Last year's album 'Made In The Dark' bowled over critics with its breath-taking sonic ambition. It also helped somewhat that the album spawned one of the year's biggest singles in 'Ready For The Floor'. The forthcoming compilation will be released through New State on April 27th. Hot Chip will follow in the footsteps of Erol Alkan, Miss Kittin, Klaxons and Felix Da Housecat.

The full tracklisting has yet to be released but it is know that the group are said to include tracks from John Tejada, Mark Romboy, Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda and an incredible exclusive new Hot Chip tune called ‘Take It In’. Fans will no doubt fondly remember the group's DJ Kicks comp, and its versatile display of genres. This time round, the band find room for Fleetwood Mac, Luther Vandross and The Doobie Brothers in an effort to shake the party!

Deastro - Moondagger

1. Biophelia
2. Parallelogram
3. Tone Adventure #3
4. Toxic Crusaders
5. Green, Grays And Nordics
6. Day Of Wonder
7. Pyramid Builders
8. Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed In The Heart With The Moondagger By The King of Darkness And His Ghost Is Writing This Song As A Warning To All Of Us
9. Rivers Of Life
10. Vermillion Plaza
11. Moondagger
12. Kurgan Wave Number One
13. The Shaded Forests (Gift Giver's Version) (Bonus Track)
14. Tree Frog (Bonus Track)

It's not even a stretch to imagine Deastro's Randolph Chabot once owning a Trapper Keeper overflowing with drawings of verdant kingdoms, threatened by a nasty King of Darkness, and a plucky protagonist battling through vast hordes of fantasy-novel nerdom for the coveted Moondagger. The point-and-click wet dream with the same name sets the 22-year-old Detroit native up as a full-fledged synthpop Link. The Master Synth anyone? Maybe we're not that far off. Chabot did all the artwork for his previous releases and his Myspace denotes his influences with animated gifs of a slobbering Venom or dancing Bugs Bunny.

Moondagger follows the monstrously popular demo compilation Keepers, which Deastro recorded in his parent's basement, and released last year. The full-band lineup now features Jeff Supina (drums), Mark Smak (electric guitar), and Brian Connelly (bass, keyboard). Plus, the album's got a Beach Boys-meets-Armageddon track entitled: “Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed in the Heart with the Moondagger by the King of Darkness and His Ghost Is Writing this Song as a Warning to All of Us." M83 and Dan Deacon fans take heed. There's a new superhero in the skies.

Borgore - Gorestep Volume 1

1. Saturday Night
2. Love
3. Mama's Boy
4. Sunday Morning
5. Borgore Ina Trouble

Borgore is a dubstep/d&b artist from Israel currently releasing tunes through Shift Recordings.

Lukid - Foma

01. Ice Nine
02. Raise High the Roof Beam
03. Veto
04. Slow Hand Slap
05. Saddlebags
06. Chord
07. Foma
08. Fall Apart
09. Laughin
10. Ski Fly
11. Time Doing So Mean

On the strength of his past two albums, Lukid, AKA Luke Blair, may as well re-christen his production alias "The Master of Musical Subtlety." His second collection of perplexingly complex hip-hop instrumentals, Foma, takes the low-slung, late night pace of his first, Onandon, and runs headlong with it through a room full of wilting vinyl into a sample bank of bitty drum hits and scuzzed out succulent synth swells. Selected and arranged culpably and with a seemingly heavy hand, he manages to make these small snatches of sampled melody fit, without completely ironing out the rough creases or crackles.

The first two tracks on Foma, "Ice Nine" and "Raise High the Roof Beam," are pure pressure-builders with Blair creating serious anticipation via some pattering percussion and rolling piano samples. But it's the third track, "Veto," where he first unleashes his trademark bump. Blair sets his splicing of a whirling organ underneath a stabbing piano riff alongside a carefully gesticulated drum pattern and some '80s pop bass stabs, managing to consistently make the song pulse by bringing the force of a 4 x 4 kick drum and muting the slap by boosting the low end.

Steering himself away from just beats, bass and a sample, Lukid epitomises the Grievous Angel-endorsed idea that these days, trip-hop is actually trippy. (Refer to the snatches of scything bass and the lush vibes on "Saddlebags" for any further embellisment of this new psychedelic hip-hop theory.) "Slow Hand Slap" takes things in a moodier direction with a sinister bassline opening proceedings before Blair hijacks some of Rustie's playfully pitched tom drums and lays them over three separate bass evolutions. He lets the tension build before he unleashes the ascending vocal sample, which slays the simplistic drum pattern by serving up a memorable hook that evokes wide-open wafting fields and late '60s flower power temptresses.

Throughout Foma Lukid displays a flair for creating quick witted odysseys. Quick because all—bar one—are less than five minutes long; and odysseys because they unfold and ripen into sonic screenplays that you can re-discover and re-immerse yourself in on each listen. Blair has spent a lot of time finetuning his use of bass and on tracks like "Chord" and the sure-fire standout, "Fall Apart," you can hear the impression a painstakingly wobbled sine wave makes to the overall product. Whilst keeping the insatiable thump displayed on "Onandon" as a heady mainstay in his music, Blair manages to seamlessly combine the impetuous wooziness of his fuzzed-up psychotropics with an impeccable heap of punchy post-Dilla drum

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bibio - Vignetting The Compost

01. Flesh Rots, Pip Sown
02. Mr. & Mrs. Compost
03. Everglad Everglade
04. Dopplerton
05. Great Are The Piths
06. Odd Paws
07. Under The Pier
08. Weekend Wildfire
09. The Clothesline And The Silver Birch
10. Torn Under The Window Light
11. The Ephemeral Bluebell
12. Over The Far And Hills Away
13. Amongst The Bark And Fungus
14. Top Soil
15. Thatched
16. The Garden Shelter

Seamlessly amalgamating nature and electronics, Vignetting The Compost, the third full-length release from Bibio, channels instruments and vocals from a bygone era through a futuristic digital portal. History may credit Edison with the phonograph but, in truth, the first such device mysteriously washed up on the shores of England in 1876… playing Bibio. Vignetting The Compost is at once timeless and innovative; 60s-esque folk guitar and mechanic manipulations of sounds whose instruments of origin are less important than the feelings they evoke, layer upon each other with ease and intricacy. Just when you expect to hear Nico’s moan escaping your stereo, Bibio himself comes through with a voice that could have sung next to her on “These Days.” Truly, this is an album for the

Exercise One -In Cars We Rust

1. Circeo
2. 1994
3. It Is Happening Again
4. Trapdoor
5. Drunken Tinman
6. Good Kid
7. No News Today
8. Sleeper
9. What You Say
10.Dont Slip
11.Just Not!

Produced and finessed over many months, their debut album In Cars We Rust is the studio product of their hands-on approach: passages of spontaneous creation are edited, collaged and remixed into a strikingly varied, startlingly cohesive whole. The dance-floor stormers are still there and the records flow is guided by the same spirit of improvisation that drives their live sets. But the clubbier material is rounded out by sounds weve never heard from Exercise One before: gorgeous, enveloping ambient tracks; soundtrack-ready synthesizer ballads; even a kind of retro-futurist electro-pop. Best of all, it all hangs together with ease. A testament to their studio and live efforts, their debut album eliminates any doubts that the enthusiasm that led to their founding moments in a basement in Kreuzberg is wearing out. Exercise One continue their migration through the hinterland of techno; round and round they go, where they stop nobody knows.

Mille - Stargazers EP

01. Ghost Dancer
02. Stargazers
03. Crysteena

Mille from Stockholm, Sweden. He has been producing house music when he was 20, then took a break from music, ditching it for 3D graphics design studies and just last fall, he decided to get back into production again. It seems like he finally found his very own style this time around, drawing a lot of inspiration from commodore 64 and sega mega drive games as well as the french electro scene, although the only artist over there who can really be compared to him would be Danger.

With these influences, it's no surprise, that Mille combines chiptune leads and commodore 64 sid soundchip-style arpeggios with elements of today's dance music.

City2City (Part 4)

1 Sian - Skull
2 Ekkohaus - Spanish Fly
3 Benfay - Enchantress
4 Mark Henning - Miss America

A solid four-tracker from the City Sport arm of Morris Audio for what is the fourth chapter to the "City2City" series. On the a-side Sian (of Pokerflat and Karmarouge fame) delivers a bouncey minimal cut and our good friend Kostas aka Ekkohaus goes quite deep minimal with warm chords and a jackin bassline. Flip the record over and there's a syncopated clicky entry from Netaudio prodigy Benfay and a soulful groover from Mark Henning that is reminiscent of early Farben (Jan Jelinek)

Doll And The Kicks - Doll And The Kicks

1. Roll Up The Red Carpet
2. If You Care
3. You Turn Up
4. In The Radio
5. Everything To Lose
6. Always Been Her
7. He's A Believer
8. Leaving The Race
9. Pictures
10. He Was A Dancer

Doll and The Kicks formed in 2005 while attending University in Brighton. They were singled out from the Brighton music scene when they were asked by BBC Southern Counties to perform at the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury 2007. Since Glastonbury, Doll and The Kicks have been busy playing live across UK and Europe and recording tracks in Nellee Hooper's Home Studio as well as Brighton's own Metway Studios...

2008 has seen their live shows emerge with performances that include The Great Escape, Beachdown Festival and Brighton Live, as well as dates throughout the UK and Europe. Media enthusiasm has grown with coverage from Myspace front page, MSN's Unsigned Band of the Month, Sub TV, Channel M, BBC Southern Counties, Kerrang Radio, The Brighton Guide, London Lite, Total Guitar, Artrocker, Ponytail Magazine and You Got Papped.

Doll and the Kicks have recently confirmed sessions on Radio 2/Janice Long as well an MTV/Vodafone session. Musical icon Morrissey premiered Roll Up The Red Carpet on Janice Long's Radio 2 show and has now confirmed them as his main support for his upcoming UK/European tour. The tour, which will commence April 2009, and will see them opening for Morrissey in esteemed venues like The Royal Albert Hall, Brixton Academy, Apollo in Manchester as well as Russia, Paris and Stockholm - quite an undertaking for an unsigned band!

Hari And Aino - Hari And Aino

1. Gold (or something just as nice)
2. I will leave
3. Seasons
4. Hannah and I
5. Finland
6. Lousy day
7. Rubble and ruin
8. Tour heartache and mine
9. Second song
10. Thank you for my sisters

After the very useful "Stars in Coma" and "Second-Hand Furniture" restrospective albums, our favourite South-American label Plastilina Records is staying in the Swedish neighbourood to release this debut album from Stockholm-based quintet Hari and Aino.
Imagine "The Camera loves me" from The Would-be-goods crossed with Blondie's "Parallel Lines" and you'll get a near-to-clear picture of the band's wide proficiency, from sophisticated guitar-pop to cerebral disco. This is exacty the way we wished The Long Blondes would sound like on a full album...

"For me they were one of the most refreshing bands to appear this 2007, with a style very much on their own. C86-ish guitars, playful keyboards and the breezy vocals of Andrea's... beautiful!" /Plastilina Records

Wolf Eyes - Always Wrong

1. Cellar
2. Living Stone
3. Broken Order
4. Pretending Alive
5. We All Hate You
6. Always Wrong
7. Droll/Cut The Dog

Always Wrong is a mantra of severity. Wolf Eyes has been scouring audiences across the globe with their acid drenched industrial noise and dub terror psychedelia, establishing themselves as the trailblazers of a genre and pioneers of the long-form noise tour. coming forth from the piles of tape loops and effects the bulk of tables reeling with electronics have been shed. This clarity never sacrifices intensity as paradoxically this is the most organic of the full lengths but also the harshest and most dissonant. Opening track “Cellar” immediately sets the pace of barraged edits and percussive electronics as startling vocals spit from the dry throat and remain unfiltered for the first time breathing a clear litany of scorn. a new voice is rising and it isn't happy. throughout the album non-electronic beats created from live drums replace programming while colliding tape loops and junk metal bring new unstable rhythm like a house with erroding foundation. “Living Stone” shows a more natural state of acoustic composition highlighting the despondent subtle plucking of controlled guitar improvisation that could come from natures ghost. forging ahead in “We All Hate You” loud tonal horns and architectuarly placed electronics. however their aesthetic core of pummeling hasn't been abandoned as the aggressive “Broken Order” takes hold with shrill feedback fueling industrial cannon blasts of white hot noise that burn the body from the neck down. an eerie harmonica driven death march straight out of "once upon a time in the west" cries on the closing track 'droll/cut the dog' Immediately it is clear that Wolf Eyes have crafted a statement with maturity that stands at the top of their mysterious discography. Always Wrong is a denial against conformity and the triumph of walking a path alone. Young, Olson, Connelly.


A1. Luciano & Guy Gerber - Arc-En-Ciel
B1. Lee Van Dowski & Glimpse - La Cucina Del Cabrone

Just like the best kind of DJ set, Cadenza knows when to switch it up. That might mean the roster, which tends to vacillate between label residents and new additions to the family. Or it might mean playing with format, from split EPs to doublepacks to Luciano’s Split Composition series. For its 36th release, Cadenza introduces two new collaborations that are sure to set imaginations afire: Luciano with Guy Gerber, appearing on Cadenza for the first time, and Lee Van Dowski with Glimpse, another newcomer to the imprint. The only unsurprising thing about the record is how hard both tracks hit. Israel’s Guy Gerber has made his name with a canny fusion of techno, deep house and classic trance, and it’s likely his contribution that provides the silvery harmonic line that runs through “Arc-en-ciel,” as through stringing it with a fine, glistening thread. Similar in mood to Luciano’s “Fourges et Sabres” or Loco Dice’s Harissa, “Arc-en-ciel” is led by an unforgettable, chiming melody that splits and doubles as it winds its way through the track. The tune’s introspective, almost melancholic vibe is offset by restless little percussive outbursts and ornaments upon its easy-going groove. This one for those who dream while they dance. Lee Van Dowski and London’s Glimpse (aka Christopher Spero) provide the muscle on “La Cocina del Cabrone,” a celebratory, hip-shaking track that gloriously displays both artists’ unique sense of groove and sound design. With clattery drum machines setting the pace for a street party’s worth of loose, rippling percussion, the pair pay tribute to Africa with rousing, call-and-response vocals that drive the track relentlessly, euphorically forward. It is, in a word,

Animal Collective - Animal Crack Box

A1. Jimmy Raven
A2. Ahhh Good Country
A3. Iko Ovo

A1 and A2 recorded live to MiniDisc 18 September 2000 at the Cooler, NYC by Avey/Panda. A3 recorded live to MiniDisc fall 2000 at N. 4th Practice Space, Brooklyn by Avey/Panda.

B1. Pumpkin Gets a Snakebite
B2. Pumpkin's Hallucination
B3. Pumpkin's Funeral

B1 and B3 recorded live to MiniDisc February 2001 at N. 4th Practice Space, Brooklyn by Avey/Panda/Geologist. B2 recorded live to MiniDisc 25 February 2001 at Mercury Lounge, NYC by Avey/Panda/Geologist.

C1. Jungle Heat
C2. Hey Friend
C3. De Soto De Son

C1 and C2 recorded live to MiniDisc winter early 2001 at 67 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn by Avey/Panda. C3 recorded live to MiniDisc August 2000 at Mercury Lounge, NYC by Avey/Panda.

D1. Oh Sweet
D2. Young Prayer #2
D3. Do the Nurse

D1 partly recorded live to MiniDisc summer 2002 at N. 4th Practice Space, Brooklyn by Avey/Deakin and partly recorded live to MiniDisc 18 October 2002 at Warsaw, Brooklyn by Avey. D2 recorded live to MiniDisc fall 2002 at Bard College, NYC by Avey/Panda. D3 recorded live to MiniDisc 18 October 2002 at Warsaw, Brooklyn by Avey.

E1. Ice Cream Factory
E2. Hey Light
E3. Two Sails

E1 and E3 recorded live to MiniDisc March 2002 at Tonic, NYC by Avey/Panda/Geologist/Deakin. E2 recorded live to MiniDisc winter early 2002 at N. 4th Practice Space, Brooklyn by Avey/Panda/Geologist/Deakin.

F1. Don't Believe the Pilot
F2. Who Could Win a Rabbit
F3. Mouth Wooed Her
F4. Covered in Frogs
F5. We Tigers

F1 and F2 recorded live to MiniDisc July 2003 at New World Brewery, Tampa, FL by Avey/Panda. F3 recorded live to MiniDisc June 2003 at a house party in Brooklyn by Avey/Panda. F4 recorded live to MiniDisc sometime and somewhere in 2003 (recording details are lost) by Avey/Panda. F5 recorded live to MiniDisc October 2003 at Concorde 2, Brighton, UK by Avey/Panda.

After almost three years of planning Catsup Plate is proud to announce the release of Animal Crack Box, a three LP collection of Animal Collective recordings spanning the years 2000 through 2003. These songs were recorded live, at practice sessions and in other non-studio environs and most have never been released in any form whatsoever. And those that have been release sound so markedly different that long-time fans will not be disappointed.

Throughout their career, Animal Collective has existed at the crossroads of uncompromising experimentalism, classic song structure and ecstatic expressionism -- a crossroads that this set further underscores. The songs veer from the early percussion/feedback wailings to the Campfire Songs style acoustica to wall of sound forest children vocal chanting. The sonics are rough in places as these were originally recorded more for reference than for an actual release, but the power of the songs and the band's uncompromising intensity are apparent all the way through. Fans of the band's recent work may be surprised by the cacophony at times, but peel away the layers of sound and the essential compositional and performative brilliance is staring you in the face.

Each record jacket is silkscreened in four overprinted colors and housed in a super sturdy four overprinted color silkscreened outer slipcase held together by a two color silkscreened "obi" strip. This thing is a 12 x 12 brick. The recording selections were overseen by Animal Collective themselves, who poured over hundreds of hours of tapes to come up with this tracklisting. The Hieronymus-Bosch-meets-the-early-Looney-Tunes-work-of-Max-Fleischer illustrations were drawn by Jon Vermilyea and the whole package was art directed and designed by Rob Carmichael.

This is a single edition of 1000 copies, with no digital or CD version

Unkle - Showreel

01. Showreel Intro
02. Eye For An Eye
03. Be there (Featuring Ian Brown)
04. Rabbits In Your Headlights
05. Reign
06. Paint The Silence
07. Weight Of The World
08. Burn The Witch (Unkle Remix)
09. Frantic (Unkle Remix)
10. The Enchanter (Unkle Remix)
11. No Hits (Unkle Remix Surrender Sound Session 2)
12. Life2Live (Unkle Remix Surrender Sound Session 1)
13. False Flags (Unkle Remix Surrender Sound Session 3)

Another rare Unkle promo. 99% of it has been released already, but track 1 Showreel Intro hasnt. I know, its a cheap shot but you know how it is...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sunn O))) - Monoliths & Dimensions

1. Aghartha
2. Big Church
3. Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia)
4. Alice

SUNN O))) is proud to present their 7th studio album, after 10 years of existence, entitled Monoliths & Dimensions. The album showcases the core guitar duo - Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson - incorporating influences from a plethora of guest musicians, bringing the SUNN O))) sound to epic new levels. The band also collaborated with composer Eyvind Kang (notable for his work with John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, etc.) on various acoustic ensembles, in addition to the Helios fueled electric guitars and basses. Key players on the album include Australian guitar genius Oren Ambarchi, enigmatic Hungarian vocalist Attila Csihar (Mayhem, Tormentor, etc.) and slow music godfather Dylan Carlson (Earth), as well as a brass section: Steve Moore (of Earth), Julian Priester (worked with Sun Ra in the 50s, John Coltrane’s African Brass band, and Herbie Hancock’s Sextant band) and new-music horn player Stuart Dempster. There’s also an upright bass trio, French & English horns, harp & flute duo, piano, reed & strings ensembles, and a Viennese woman’s choir led by Persian vocal savant Jessika Kenney.

The album is not “SUNN O))) with strings” or “metal meets orchestra” material. The band took an approach concentrating on more of allusion toward the timbre of feedback and the instruments involved, so the piece is really illusory, beautiful and not entirely linear, stating that the end product is “the most musical piece we’ve done, and also the heaviest, powerful and most abstract set of chords we’ve laid to tape” The album was recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn & Mell Dettmer at various points over the last 2 years

Jasper TX - Singing Stones

01. stillness
02. this barren land
03. they've flown away and left us here
04. last boat in
05. a box of wood in the storm
06. not leaving, not really
07. sleeping rivers
08. into the sea
09. mornings after

Very much a talent on the ascendence, Dag Rosenqvist returns with a swift follow-up to last year's Closet Ghosts EP, and the full-length on Miasmah, Black Sleep. While those two releases marked out career highpoints for Rosenqviist, Singing Stones finds him continuing on his upward trajectory, serving up a truly beautiful - not to mention accessible - collection of cinematic electronic compositions. You won't hear many artists who are this adept when it comes to wringing emotion from their laptops, and introductory track 'Stillness' provides an instantly breathtaking blend of lyrical digital timbres and immersive field recordings; you'll hear footsteps trudging across muddy ground and far off bells pealing out in the distance - it's lovely stuff. Next comes the exquisitely subtle 'This Barren Land', an electroacoustic drone piece that doesn't initially seem to be doing anything that's especially out of the ordinary, but the subtlety and depth of the piece ensures it worms its way into your heart. Now the tone is set, Rosenqvist opens up with some melodic developments, bringing delicate tuned percussion and filtered guitar progressions to 'They've Flown Away And Left Us Here', while 'Last Boat In' brings together fluttering vibraphone melodies and crashing waves on a beach. The set-adrift feel persists throughout, as cued by titles like 'A Box Of Wood In The Storm', 'Into The Sea' and 'Sleeping Rivers', the latter of which cultivates an Oren Ambarchi-like low-end drone, while flickers of hiss bombard slow-swelling chords. Singing Stones is an exceptional album, artfully constructed and sequenced in a way that preserves its enigmatic feel, continually shifting between coy tunefulness and glorious abstraction.

Anduin & Jasper TX - The Bending Of Light

1. A Beam of Light Folds Back Upon Itself…
2. … Producing Great Jets of Radiation.
3. Everything Disappears in a Tunnel of Light…
4. … Where a Star Once Was.
5. Like the Foot Prints of an Invisible Man…
6. … Walking in the Snow.

A classic case of a collaboration adding up to more than the sum of its parts, this incredible album arrived here with a fair amount of expectation but duly proceeded to completely blow us away with its utterly immersive blend of shimmering drones and densely crafted, submerged melodies. The SMTG label has already impressed us a great deal with a pristine lineup of releases from all manner of artists we love, but "The Bending of Light" must surely rank as the best thing on the label yet. Many of you will no doubt already be familiar with the work of both Jasper TX and Anduin, but despite the high calibre of material from both camps they seem to have struck something entirely more developed and engrossing working together. Opening track "A Beam of Light Bends Back Upon Itself" is interesting enough with its slow-building drone haze, but its when second track "Producing Great jets of Radiation" hits that you realise that you're in the presence of something truly important and great. It's a track that nervously builds from the low registers with a Deathprod style dose of uncertainty and darkness slowly overcome by strained beams of light and distortion, like Tim Hecker manipulating a church organ - but before you get a chance to register the full scope of frequencies the track fades out to an abrupt end. "Where a Star Once Was" is another highlight, a creaking, pulsating recording doused with unusual, nautical found sounds and barely audible keys shifting into focus with one half embracing melody and the other engulfed by the icy tundras you'd more readily associate with someone like Mika Vainio. It's dark, dense, overwhelming music. "Like The Foot Prints.." takes an engrossing diversion and clears aural mists for a much more vulnerable kind of music, a slow pulsating heartbeat and immensely beautiful notes riding underneath a humming, delicately balanced drone and restrained strums, sounding not unlike classic Pan American but with a more pregnant emotional core. The album ends with "Walking in the Snow", a monochrome rendition that barely manages to contain the warm embers of memory and nostalgia underneath, so much so that you can imagine it bookending a lost vintage era recording from the Cocteau Twins, high praise indeed. Incredible music - and an utterly Essential Purchase!

Steve Hauschildt - Resplendent

A1 When Day Breaks
A2 Surveillance Chapel
A3 Approach-Avoidance
B1 Kitchen Sync
B2 Antidotes
B3 Gilded Star Map
B4 Drink From The Fountain

One of the new lights in synthesizer music which i'm very excited about. giving romance / beauty a place in music again, Steve brings a short contemplation of prose poems. a collection of beautiful incantations and scetches that could be directly channeled from a digitalised, fully updated mind of the Sona Gaia emporium of pretty meditations.

The Mary Onettes - Dare EP

01 Dare
02 Kicks
03. God Knows I Had Plans

The Mary Onettes are a Swedish Indie Rock band formed in the town of Jönköping, in 2000. Inspired by guitar pop from the 80’s and indie bands from the 90’s, The Mary Onettes were successful in releasing one EP with Sony/BMG before being dropped. Their sound has been likened to Echo & The Bunnymen, The Church, The Smiths, The Cure, and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

The Mary Onettes have since been picked up by the Labrador record label, where they released their debut EP Lost. Labrador claims the EP to be 2006’s. Their 10-track debut album “The Mary Onettes” was released in 2007

Grandiose new single by The Mary Onettes. Written in isolation and partly recorded in a church "Dare" still ends up their most uplifting song to date - iimagine a Swedish equivalent of The National on a diet of speed, Planet Earth DVDs and Go-Betweens singles and youll have a vague idea of how wonderful this is!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ekkohaus - The Healer

01 The Healer
02 Cry Baby
03 The Healer (Kreon's Linderman Remix)

The healer and Cry baby licensed for the new Fabric Mix CD by Claude von Stroke (Fabric 46)!:: loved by Kiki, Dave Ellesmere, Trickski, Lauhaus, Ashley Beedle, Livio & Roby, Robert Dietz, Anthony Collins, Crowdpleaser, Daniel Mehlhart, Shonky, Eric Borgo, dOP, Peter Kruder, .. After his fab debut 12 inch on Morris Audio some month ago, up and coming greek fella Ekkohaus is back with more tasty stuff! The A-side features two of his original cuts: both are funked up stripped down tech house groovers, ready to rock your club. Both tracks have already been licensed to the forthcoming Fabric Mix cd by Claude von Stroke (Fabric 46)! The flipside offers a deep summerish remix from another greek top shot, Kreon. He has made his name with dope releases on CÚcille Numbers, Robsoul and Resopal Red among

Atlas Sound – Logos


1. The Light That Failed
2. An Orchid
3. I Know I Will Escape
4. Difference BT
5. St. Echo
6. Quick Canal
7. Avoid The Void
8. Nocturnal Drivers
9. My Halo
10. Eros
11. Thanatos
12. Logos

Atlas Sound is the venue for which Bradford Cox of Deerhunter creates music that he feels works better as a solo effort. Bradford has been a prolific musician since he was young. He found his pseudonym in the name of a tape recorder he used in his bedroom while teaching himself guitar. He eventually started using lots of delay pedals on his voice and guitar, all while honing a unique sound. The result is a lush and beautiful arrangement of tones and electronic effects. Definitely one of if not the biggest thing going on in the Shoegaze scene right now. This album, along with almost everything else he puts out, has it’s own atmosphere to it. For me, it transcends every other thought that I have and wraps me in a warm blanket of security. After a stressful day there is nothing better than listening to this, trust me.

This album was actually leaked by Bradford himself, through his blog, on accident. Mediafire had changed its settings so that anyone can browse through the account unless you turn it off. Bradford didn’t know this and when he posted a link for a demo someone got everything off of his account. This included Weird Era Cont., the companion to Deerhunter’s critically acclaimed Microcastle. Needless to say, Bradford was a bit pissed. It was months before an already leaked album was to come out and now it’s secret second disc was also leaked along with his solo follow up to Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel.Originally, this album was tagged by Bradford himself with a picture of himself flicking off the camera. He was especially upset because this version of the album has not been mastered. He apologized on his blog but posted more sporadically for a while.

This was of great disappointment to the community that was growing around the blog, and the open discourse with fans and band members. He has stated that he is going to scrap this project completely. Later, he claimed that he was going to rewrite everything on the album. So yes, this album is a little bit old. If you’re reading this blog, you have most likely already heard it or at least heard about it. I’m posting it because I believe that it is a release worth your time. Even if it is an incomplete version, it’s still better than half of the stuff out there.

The Archivist - The Keeper of the Library (Limited Handmade Edition)

01.I am not Prepared
02.The Sound of Old Helmshore
03.You are Made of Stardust
04.Half Enlightened Optimism to Warm a Winters Night
05.This is About You, this is About Me
06.Covet this Friendship
07.Happiness is an Afterthought
08.Not so Loud
09.Tonight we will Play the Stars
10.Im pretty much finished


Craig Tattersall has made regular and notable appearances on these pages over the years, as a memberof Hood, The Remote Viewer and The Boats, as well as under his more recent Humble Bee moniker andwork with his own Moteer and Mobeer imprints. This second release on bijou imprint Lacies Records features carefully compiled gems from his extensive archive of unreleased material, assembling vintagerecordings unearthed from dusty tapes and hard drives for what amounts to a 45 minute journey throughwondrous, heartbreaking music. If youve followed Tattersalls work over the years youll have an idea ofwhat to expect here, but its just material of the highest possible calibre, all microscopic, percolatingrhythms and fragile instruments dancing around eachother with an effortless beauty that never fails toreach deep inside your soul and leave you with that bittersweet aftertaste thats just impossible to describe.Achingly beautiful

Laroca - Valley Of The Bears

01. Brassic
02. La Glorieta
03. Elevator Tester
04. Eerie
05. Carpe Diem (Profites De La Vie)
06. Valley Of The Bears
07. People Mountain People Sea
08. Yallah Andalucia
09. Unit 125
10. Pluck
11. Home

Rob Pollard & Olly Wakeford, the duo behind this rich, swirling musical pageant, met in the mid-1990s. Classically trained, Olly studied piano and flute at the Royal College of Music. Rob had a spell as singer-songwriter type before taking up the bass. Both then played together in various indie-rock bands.

Their ambition was to make the kind of record that they would personally want to hear, and there appears to be a growing crowrd that already agrees. Produced by the same dude who did Doves and Jon Hopkins albums etc.

Plastik Joy - 3:03

01. Sleepy Quest For Coffee
02. Hands
03. True Norwegian Black Metal
04. Medispiace
05. Problem With Humans
06. Twenty-Ninth Of April
07. Barcelona - Reykjavik [FHE276]
08. No-Date Night
09. 63 (She Was Trying To Sleep, I Was Trying To Breathe)
10. Asynchrony Of Lives
11. Imperfect Diarchies

Plastik Joy's Debut album 3:03 which gets its name from the time of morning when the recording sessions usually came to an end. The duo of Cristiano Nicolini (ITALY) and Fannar Asgrimsson (ICELAND) with a bit of supportive help from a few friends created an album that emits a definitive nocturnal quality. It feels as sensual as it is lonely, as dreamy as it is conscious, and as bright as the dim glow of midnight streetlights, definitely music for after the after party. A perfect soundtrack to watch the sun return to its perch or to loose yourself in on a hazy day.

Efdemin - Acid Bells (Martyn Remixes)

01 Acid Bells (Martyns Dark mix)
02 Acid Bells (Martyns Bittersweet mix)

After establishing a very fruitful relationship with the Curle label on their brilliant Carry On, Pretend Were Not In The Room mix CD, Efdemin return in remixed form courtesy of man-of-the-moment Martyn. Providing two beutifully contrasting
sides on a mesmerizing marbled vinyl, his Dark Mix is anything but, indulging his passion for solo piano works with a subtly treated piano composition layered with ferric atmospherics and cloud formation ambience. The flipside Bittersweet Mix displays yet another facet of the Martyn sound with a killer Funky compatible cut set at 136bpm and structured in the broken style of Domu, Aardvarck or Roska with a soca swinging vibe bumped by buttered basslines and darkly jazzed licks, combining elements of DnB, Funky, House and dubstep in his inimitable style.

Metisse is a subdivision for remixes on begian Curle Recordings.

Franz Ferdinand - Blood

1. Feel The Pressure
2. Die On The Floor
3. The Vaguest of Feeling
4. If I Can't Have You Nobody Can
5. Katherine Hit Me
6. Backwards Of My Face
7. Feeling Kind of Anxious
8. Feel The Envy
9. Be Afraid

Scottish rock outfit Franz Ferdinand will release "Blood," its second album of 2009, on June 1 through Domino. The nine song set is a dub version of the group's third album, "Tonight: Franz Ferdinand," which was released this past January. "Blood" was originally packaged in the deluxe and box-set versions that were initially available.

On "Tonight," the group worked with Dan Carey (Lee "Scratch" Perry, Mad Professor) - so it would make sense that the work would lend itself to a dub treatment. Speaking to Billboard in November 2008, lead singer Alex Kapranos described Carey as having "a different dynamic than other producers."

"I think with anything, it has to be a collaboration and we find ourselves bouncing off one another rather well," Kapranos says of the group's work with Carey. "He's coming from that Jamaican perspective - there's much more space; the bass guitar leads a lot more on this record than anything else."

"He was very relaxed and fit in very easily into the band dynamic," added bassist Bob Hardy. "He's very interested in the process of making a record and that kind of world. He'd spend five hours working on a particular sound that will only be on the record for like three seconds worth."

In conjunction with Record Store Day this past weekend, the group released a limited edition vinyl version of 500 to record stores. The newly packaged version of "Blood" will feature one new song, "Be Afraid" which is a reworked version of "Dream Again."

Franz Ferdinand is currently in the midst of a U.S. tour through May

Wilco - Wilco

01. Wilco (The Song)
02. Deeper Down
03. One Wing
04. Bull Black Nova
05. You and I
06. You Never Know
07. Country Disappeared
08. Solitaire
09. I'll Fight
10. Sonny Feeling
11. Everlasting Everything

Plain grey backdrop for A Ghost is Born. And then the ominous swirling birds on Sky Blue Sky. So how does Wilco follow all these very seriously titled records, with very seriously arty covers? Why, with Wilco (The Album), of course. And if the title alone wasn't enough to derail their melancholy train of records, they revealed the art work for their upcoming album and, well, there's a llama in a party hat. With this shot, we've either just missed the neatest, lamest kid's party of all time, or we're the first guests at a shindig that may, impossibly, be taking place in Germany, or at least on the patio of one of those weird cheese shops buried in the dark corner of your local mall. But while it's nice to see these guys lightening up, it's good to know they didn't go too crazy and ignore the strict llama leash laws. They're on the books for a reason, kids.

Wilco (The Album) will be out June 30 (at the latest, according to the band) on Nonesuch.

Gay Witch Abortion - Maverick

1. Down With Giants
2. Stain On The Floor
3. Action Cop
4. Unblinking Sun
5. Third World Limo
6. Your Own Militia
7. Church Buffet
8. Group Think
9. Girl Pop Soda
10. Wavey Graves
11. Curses
12. Scythian Sculls
13. Asleep In The Dirt

How can a band named Gay Witch Abortion stir any more controversy? Simple. Take forever to release an album, then make one and call it Maverick. That word, and the initials ‘RNC,’ aren’t taken too kindly to by folks in these parts. Maverick could be considered the protest soundtrack to the Republican National Convention, setting a tone reminiscent of Trans Am’s Liberation, an album released in a post-9/11 Washington D.C. Envision protesters marching on the State Capitol to “Down With Giants,” then getting run down and tear-gassed by the “Action Cop.” In keeping with post rock form, Gay Witch Abortion minimizes the human element behind the guitar and drums. Songs with vocals are used as experiments in sound. The lyrics don’t matter, what does is the final product, what each song builds into by the end of its progression. Some songs are easier to digest, like “Unblinking Sun,” that sounds just as the song’s title suggests. But this kind of rock isn’t about making it easy on the listener. This is art rock, music that forces the listener to intellectualize what’s going on, without providing any answers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I.U.D. - The Proper Sex

1. Daddy
2. Glo Balls
3. Monk Hummer
4. 911
5. Mary Unmargaret
6. Girls Just Wanna (Time to Have Sex)

The pantheon of great sleazy sex records includes the depraved minimalist funk of Prince’s Dirty Mind and the squalid bedroom drama of Soft Cell’s Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzi Bougatsos and Growing’s Sadie Laska make a bold attempt at joining such lurid company with The Proper Sex, their first album as I.U.D. It’s a witty, spooky and abrasive record that mixes spacious dubby beats with the noise assault of the Melvins and Unsane.

Bougatsos and Laska open with the shrill metallic percussion of “Daddy.” The heliumized Kate Bush vocals will be familiar to Gang Gang Dance fans, although this music is brutally tribalistic, with less of the glazed pop of Saint Dymphna and more of the infinite space of God’s Money. The second track, “Glo Balls,” is fueled by a murderous vocal reminiscent of Whitehouse’s William Bennett or just about anyone signed to Amphetamine Reptile in the early ‘90s. It’s propelled by some jarring no-wave primitivism that sounds wonderfully debauched, variously recalling Suicide, “11,000 Volts” by Mars and the willful antagonism of early Swans...

If “Daddy” and “Glo Balls” are the foreplay, then “Monk Hummer” is an introduction to the level of degradation at which I.U.D. operates. It’s a mish-mash of porn-film inspired samples and a sludgy stop-start rhythm reminiscent of Coil and the incidental music from ‘70s splatter movies. “Monk Hummer” induces the same kind of dizzy disorientation that occurs when you unexpectedly emerge into bright sunlight from a darkened movie theater. It’s a woozy, drunken and scrappily distended track that leads into the full-on intercourse of “911” and “Mary Unmargaret.”

By this point, Bougatsos and Laska are flooding The Proper Sex with sound, abrasively adjoining coarse musical dissonance with Brian Chippendale-style grunts and lyrics like, “Someone please call the doctor/ I’ve been shot through the heart.” When they get to the album’s finale, “Girls Just Wanna (Time to Have Sex),” they’re touching you in ways that don’t feel comfortable at all. Joined by Rites of Spring guitarist Mike Fellows, the threesome produce the aural equivalent of having some large household appliances shoved into several orifices, all at the same time.

Bougatsos and Laska clearly have impeccable taste, as witnessed by the album’s cover, which pays warm homage to Sparks’ classic Big Beat. That said, The Proper Sex isn’t going to be much of a turn on for Gang Gang Dance fans enamored by the squelchy acid rhythms of Saint Dymphna. But it is a welcome blast of pungent discord, driven by a lurid sexuality that feels both filthy and funny. And they could definitely pull Prince out of his creative stupor by letting him produce the next I.U.D.