Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feadz - People, Numbers, Money, Business

1 - Constant Ovulation
2 - The Bright Side
3 - Age 21
4 - Liisborg Error
5 - Flashin'Outro

The newest EP from Feadz..

Monday, June 29, 2009

Beat Pharmacy - Wikkid Times (Remixes)

1. Rooftops feat. Coppa (Minilogues Taqism Remix)
2. Time feat. Damon Aaron (John Daly Remix)
3. Ghostship feat. Spaceape (Deadbeat Remix)
4. Backwards Never feat. Infinity (Xdb Remake)
5. Sunshine feat. Paul St Hilaire (Intrusion Sunset Dub)
6. Nuclear Race feat. Paul St Hilaire (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Dub)
7. Assassination Of The Mind feat. Ras B (Teddy G. Dub)
8. Strangers feat. Spaceape (Headhunter Remix)
9. Hope & Frustration feat. Ras B (Quantec Remix)
10. Piece Of Mind feat.Ramadanman (Ramadanman Refix)


2562 - Love In Outer Space / Third Wave

1. Love In Outer Space
2. Third Wave

Dubstep release of the week comes from 2562 with the shocking 'Love In Outer Space' and 'Third Wave' cuts dropping smart and heavy on Tectonic. It's hard not to fall for 'Love In Outer Space', easily one of the most abstract and stylish cuts we've heard from Dave Huismans casuallystepping forward from the minimalism of previous efforts with large splashes of melodic colour strewn across the tipsy-pitched rhythm. On the flip 'Third Wave' is a slightly more standard 2562 cut, but that's no bad thing as this reminds us of his 'Techno Dread' or 'Hijack' tracks with uptempo 4/4s offset by crafty drums and minimised vibes on the keys. Just try and hold yourself back from this!...www.boomkat.com

Sunday, June 28, 2009

BLM & Pawas - Online EP

A1. Online
B1. Cooper
B2. Down Down

BLM aka Ben Micklewright is co-founder of the UK’s Fear and Flying imprint, a label that has been gaining momentum and support in all the right places. This release is already being supported by Luciano, MANDY, Raresh and Groove Armada, a testament to its wide appeal.

The ‘Online’ EP is a product of the digital age, built through a purely online exchange of the parts, it has culminated in a package of deep house treats. Featuring the vocals of Lois Winstone (daughter of World-renowned actor Ray Winstone, actor in her own right and singer in various UK cult bands) her voice whispers through ‘Down Down’, a track oozing mystique and allure.

Made up of three deliciously warm tracks, Online, Down Down and Cooper, the 11th release for Fear of Flying mark it as a label pushing forward quality music and mapping out it’s own style. As the boundaries of deep house and techno are swinging, eyes are on Fear of Flying as they continue to deliver fresh sounds from talented artists across the globe.

A producer of great skills, BLM channelled his early passions into Massive Records, one of the UK’s biggest independent record shops, before releasing on labels from Leftnet to Azuli plus a string of recent beautiful releases on Fear Of Flying. Previously collaborating with MarcAshken, this release ties him with Pawas for the first time, bringing together their spontaneous and fresh sounds.

Pawas delivered the previous release for Fear of Flying and this is his third for the label. Indian-born and musically bred, he offers an exotic element to the current dancefloor sound.

With forthcoming releases and remixes planned on Leftroom, Hypercolour and murmur labels this may be the start of many well-loved releases to come from the pair.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Carl Craig - Angel Remixes

A1 Angel (Jerome Sydenham's Vocal Dub)
B1 Angel (Keith Kemp's Western Addition Mix)
B2 Angel (Jerome Sydenham's Deep Space Dub)

Big room ready rerubs of Carl Craig from Jerome Sydenham and Keith Kemp. All ears are on Jerome Sydenham's big muscle Mary of a remix of 'Angel' on the A-side. Made for the larger house and techno floors this is a stripped but heavyweight club track that does the business effectively and in style. If the sleazy vocal on the A-side is too much try the Deep Space Dub on the flip, or Keith Kemp's more laidback 'Western Addition' mix...www.boomkat.com

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scuba - Bleach / Volt

1. Bleach
2. Volt

Hot Flush head Scuba aka Paul Rose revives his occassional Abucs imprint with two experiemental steppers cuts moving deeper into ultra-reduced dub-tech hybrid styles. 'Bleach' is an intensely crafty cut on the A-side, swiping the rhythm clean of any percussive reference points in the style of Kode 9's seminal 'Sine Of The Dub' and leaving only traces of fluttering hi hats and shivering snares in the cavernous dub construction. This is dub techno and dubstep merged in the truest minimalist sense, with only hints of rhythmic guidance making for a brilliantly abstract yet effective experiment. 'Volt' on the flip is no less brilliant, this time constructing a bare bones rhythm with a measured paucity of elements in the finest style of T++, before meshing in climactic acid lines filtered deep into the mix for a hypnotically involving dancefloor effect much like the Marcel Dettmann mix of his 'From Within' cut. Very few have managed to merge Berlin and London dub techniques as succinctly and effectively as Scuba and we can't get enough of it. Sick twelve...www.boomkat.com

Slugabed - Gritsalt / Lets Go Swimming

A. Gritsalt
B. Lets Go Swimming

Quickly slipping into the slipstream of excellent upcoming Skweee package on Ramp is the obliquely 8-Bit styles of Slugabed with the followup to his wild edits 12" on Stuff. It's quite easy to consider the likes of Slugabed, Taz Buckfaster or even Mark Pritchard as the overseas synthfunk cousins of the Skweee scene, with nuff evidence on this well screwed and ultra compressed 12"s of wrong-funk. 'Gritsalt' flips the often super-sweet melodies of Skweee on its head with harshly dischordant but similarly lo-fi compositions over sloth-slow beats, kinda like he's been drinking domestos mixed with shards of old Ataris instead of neat Vodka, while 'Lets Go Swimming' on the flip rubs layers of caustic melodics into a frictional mass driven by hard crunched and gangsta leaning beats. So yeah, there's similarities, and there's differences but they're undeniably both made for tipsy club sessions. Big with fans of Zomby, THE MF Gaslamp Killer, Mike Slott and Rustie...www.boomkat.com

Benga - Buzzin / One Million

A. Buzzin
B. One Million

New peaktime Benga joint - the title track making use of one of those hooky bleep riffs that made "Night" so instantly imprinted on your memory, complete with some nice Casio style noises and a clever Art of Noise style vocal edit. "One Million" on the flip is more heaving and battered, a downcast roller with viscous sub-bass stabs topped and brittle drums with an industrial edge...www.boomkat.com

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

La Roux - La Roux

My personal fave..

01. In For The Kill
02. Tigerlily
03. Quicksand
04. Bulletproof
05. Colourless Colour
06. I'm Not Your Toy
07. Cover My Eyes
08. As If By Magic
09. Fascination
10. Reflections Are Protection
11. Armour Love
12. Growing Pains (UK bonus track)

There's something disappointingly familiar about La Roux, and I don't just mean the cantilevered shock of red hair sported by the singer Elly Jackson, which summons unhappy recollections of Flock of Seagulls, the 1980s "modernist" pop band. Like Little Boots, La Roux's limp retro-electropop carries with it the instant sour tang of curdled expectations.

To hear Depeche Mode wrestling the primitive synthesiser technology of 30 years ago into bold new sounds from the frontline of future-pop was, in its day, an exciting experience. To hear those exact same sounds now glibly accessed via foolproof modern equipment, with no compensatory increase in imagination, is to witness ambition crumbling at the first hurdle of originality. Still, at least Jackson and co-producer/writer Ben Langmaid have eschewed the cliched "cybernetic" angle employed by Little Boots, opting instead for the more emotionally- involved approach of charting the ups and downs of a youthful relationship. Sadly, it's no Blood on the Tracks, the duo lacking the transformative poetic ability that might distil insight from tribulation. Whatever stage of the affair she's depicting, everything about her response - from melody to delivery - seems to stay the same...www.independent.co.uk

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All Night Long EP 3

A1 Brooks - Iwanchu
A2 Sian - Siamese Cat
B1 Lee Johnes - Aria (Lawrence Remix)

This is the 3rd, and what they say:

Adam Marshall: “ Lawrence mix for me... moody and tight”
AtJazz: “My boy Brooks takes the biscuit! Killer!”
Ben Watt: “gentle future cloud music from lawrence. lovely. Played on my Kiss show.”
Danny Howells: “Awesome, will play. Thank you!!”
Dirt Crew: “Great to hear new shit from Brooks ! love it ! always deeper ...also really like the sci-fi tech from Sian here ;) ”
Jazzanova: “Iwanchu is my tune. Will be played for sure. A tasty groover. Thanx ”
Jimpster: “all quality stuff here! my pick is the Lawrence Remix.”
Jori Hulkkonen: “what's wrong with you people??? you can't give out 3 tracks as amazing as these on one go”
Laurent Garnier: “nice deepness will play it in the mix”
Martin Landsky: “good record, all trax are good...the lawrence mix is my favourite though.”
Mathew Dear: “IWANCHU is a hit...”
Motorcitysoul: “epic remix from lawrence, lovin it!”
Nick Curly (Cecille): “great release serie, i like all of them!”
Patrice Baumel: “I like both the Sian track and the Lawrence rmx. Warm and sophisiticated...”
Peter Kruder: “Great 12" Will play this.”
Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee): “great stuff! I really like IWANCHU. Funky!”
Runaway (DFA): “ IWANCHU is my fav here :) Superb!”
Sasha: “Very cool indeed”
Sasse: “Siamese cat is good stuff, nice one !”
Sebo K: “superb release! full support!”
Shur-I-Kan: “great stuff all round!”
Tiger Stripes: “Excellent!!!”

All Night Long EP 2

1. Appleblim & Ramadanman - Sous le Sable
2. Martyn - For Lost Relatives
3. Martyn - Electric Purring
4. Pearson Sound - Indelible

Lee Jones and Will Saul's Aus Music label have sorted something of a pivotal 12" for the whole dubstep/house crossover thing with fresh productions from Martyn, Pearson Sound and Ramdanman & Appleblim exploring the 4/4 groove between 124-130bpm. 'Blim & Rams' 'Sous Le Sable' first appeared on the recent Aus label mix, showing the way forward for a pair of dubstep's most interesting producers with Funky debted tom patterns and meeting Sven Wesisemann alike deep house atmospherics and a warehouse primed square bass. Martyn's 'For Lost Relatives' again belies his Theo Parrish influences with dischordant jazz keys and chord progressions inherited from Detroit married to Broken Beat style Basslines and smart percussion. Broken Beat is also the reference point for Pearson Sound's 'Indelible' with shades of older Seiji productions in the jazzy vibes and well swung breakbeat patterns. Released just in time for summer, this should be soundtracking long hazy days and grooving garden/carnival/bar sessions everywhere. Tip!...www.boomkat.com

All Night Long EP 1

1 MyMy - Going Going Gone
2 Will Saul And Tam Cooper - Heatwave
3 Lee Jones - Lab
4 Shur-I-Kan - Tubular

More house diversity from AUS MUSIC! Features tracks from MY MY, LEE JONES, SHUR-I-KAN, and WILL SAUL & TAM COOPER. From dubbed out house to layered undulating techy sounds, this compilation of tunes is intelligent sounding house, but 100% dancefloor friendly...www.groovedis.com

Seven - Drop / The Darkness

1. Drop
2. The Darkness

Following on from Cotti's heavy gear, Aquatic Lab have enlisted one of the freshest names in the scene in the form of Seven. Kicking off on the A with ‘Drop’, Seven shows he will be a name to be reckoned with in the near future. Unbelievably tight percussion blended with a nasty rolling bassline, this one will slot into many a set. Lights out - Late night styles! The flip is ‘The Darkness’ - a D&B indebted atmospheric future stepper, featuring a huge bass kick ride. A much anticipated release, The Darkness is receiving massive dubplate support form the likes of N Type, Skream and Youngsta...www.soundsoftheuniverse.com

Millie & Andrea - Temper Tantrum / Vigilance

A. Temper Tantrum
B. Vigilance

Third limited edition transmission from the Daphne label, once again finding covert operators Millie and Andrea nudging the controls further into the red with two squashed and deadly killers primed for the dance. Andrea takes charge of the A-side with a raved-up low-end wrecker complete with big f*ck-off sunset strings and a tumbling break that's one half junglist hardcore and one half peak-time dubside anthem. Millie, meanwhile, delivers a spacious woodblock destroyer on the flip, channelling Martyn and T++ with radiant blue chords and murderous stabs before a frenzied analogue bassline lets itself loose nudging towards the end. Pure dancefloor ruffage with a funked up heart - Massive twelve!...www.boomkat.com

Brackles - Get A Job / Lizards

A. Get A Job
B. Lizards

Brackles' second release this week hits the ground running on Apple Pips with two future augmented swingers. Both tracks are informed by a healthy appreciation of 2-Step and Garage functions, with the skipping flex of Zed Bias, El-B or Steve Gurley encoded into its rhythmic DNA. 'Get A Job' on the A-side winds a double helix of influences styles with Zed Bias' tuff swing style offset by Zomby alike synth bursts at 138bpm. 'Lizards' on the flip makes a knowing nod to the UKF scene with a rhythm sounding like a pitched up version of Roska and Lil' Silva making a retro garage track with added noughties edits. Smart tracks for followers of Ramadanman, TRG or Synkro - Big twelve!!!...www.boomkat.com

Sven Weisemann - Shove EP

1 Shove
2 Redux
3 Samui Love
4 Limaro
5 Trakz
6 Limaro 2

It has been quite a while since the last release from Jark Prongo on the Mojuba sublabel, but now we are back with some fresh music from the prolific Mr. Weisemann. It's his a.r.t.less debut and it is very hard to capture the feeling arising from this great music in words. All belongs were it has to be, it's like one of those a+ essays in music, there are deep emotions as well as demanding grooves and the balance of subtlety and roughness is just impressing ... but please take a listen for yourself!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

RSD - On Deck / Accepted

A. On Deck
B. Accepted

Old-skool trooper RSD rocks up two winners for Sheffield's R8 records with some proper future roots fusions. 'On Deck' ploughs his years of Sound System experience in the bass cradle of Bristol into a nu-Roots stepper riding propulsive 4/4s and topped off with weirdly ascending melodies sounding like he's smoked one jazz-snout too many. 'Accepted' switches to a halfstep swing on the flip, creating a feeling of impending doom with cavernous dub stabs and a red-eye staring swagger riddim to darken up any rave space...www.boomkat.com

Free Blood - The Singles

1 Never Hear Surf Music Again
2 Quick and Painful
3 Grumpy
4 Royal Family
5 Parangatang
6 Weekend Condition
7 Never Hear Surf Music Again
8 Weekend Condition [Scotty Coats & Wes the Mes Mix]
9 Royal Family
10 Grumpy [Greg Wilson Mix]
11 Parangatang

Free Blood began as an attempt by former !!! percussionist John Pugh and fashion designer Madeline Davy to blend the impeccable style of Manhattan dance clubs with the raw energy of Brooklyn parties. The duo formed Free Blood in 2003, mixing noisy, percussion-heavy dance-punk akin to !!! with pop melodies and structures while keeping the instrumentation simple, focusing on bass guitar, drum machine, and vocals.

Though most of Free Blood's singles came out within the span of a year, they were almost three years in the making. That may be why The Singles often feels more like an album than a compilation, even though its first half consists of the band's original singles and the second half is devoted to remixes. Throughout these tracks, John Pugh and Madeline Davy define and redefine their sound, which is akin to the boundary-pushing dance-punk Pugh played as !!!'s percussionist, but served up with more mischievous wit and style -- it makes perfect sense that Davy is also a fashion designer for the Octopi label. It also makes perfect sense that The Singles was released by Rong Music in conjunction with DFA Records: Free Blood's brainy hedonism, sense of humor, and compelling rhythms are a natural fit with that label. The epic "Never Hear Surf Music Again" begins The Singles, building from towering toms and finger snaps into druggy sleaze ("Take it if it makes you numb/Take it if it makes you come") with a slinky bassline, vocals that split and circle around themselves, and an Arthur Russell-esque cello sawing in the background. That would be enough for most bands, but Free Blood push things further, piling on electric and acoustic guitars and self-destructing electronics, keeping the song rolling and changing for its entire six minutes. Though most of Free Blood's other tracks go straight for the jugular, and dancefloor, that sense of adventure pulses through the rest of The Singles: "The Royal Family" clinks out an opening rhythm on wineglasses, and "Parangatang" adds tumbling pianos to its tribal beats as it closes. "Quick and Painful" and "Grumpy," meanwhile, focus on Pugh and Davy's raw energy and cheeky vocals. The Singles' remixes elongate Free Blood's choppy hyperactivity into sleek but only slightly more conventional tracks. Barfly (aka Rong Music head Ben Cook) peels "Never Hear Surf Music Again"'s complexity down to its funkiest and most ecstatic moments, transforming it into a nine-minute workout with ghostly guitars, mantra-like vocals, and synths that buzz like synapses. Greg Wilson's driving disco-tinged reworking of "Grumpy" and Tim Love Lee's clattering, abstracted remix of "Parangatang" explore the funky yet alien side that lurks just under Free Blood's punky surface. The Singles is a taut, exciting introduction to a group with a surprising amount of layers in its music...www.allmusic.com

Ramadanman - Revenue

Love it..

A Revenue
B Revenue (Untold Remix)

David Kennedy, one third of the Yorkshire-birthed Hessle Audio conglomerate, has seen a well deserved spike in media attention of late. That's thanks, in part at least, to his seemingly relentless touring schedule, but it also doesn't hurt that he has a new duo of releases, "Humber" on Apple Pips and this platter on 2nd Drop Records, as well.

In typical Ramadanman fashion "Revenue" goes ultra heavy on percussion, layering metalic strokes and flammed conga drums atop his low end. He creates the melody in the first instance by pairing his kick drum patterns with toms before his airy pad synthesizer swarms through a tremolo, pulsing a new harmony to the forefront of the track and, in so doing, creating a rare 140 BPM track without a single reverbed snare in earshot.

Untold, here drafted in personally on remix duty by Kennedy, is probably one of the most watched producers currently operating in the scene. With previous releases on Hessle Audio and his own Hemlock Recordings label, his brutal compositions manage to sound like nothing or no one around. True to his personal style, he adds whistles, whoops and a little more of a tribal pounding drum line to "Revenue" whilst letting the original gated synthesizer sing out as his percussion flickers and dances over it. Fleshing out Kennedy's skeletal sketch pays dividends: The additional percussion, animal noises and sultry bass stabs draw out an exceptional groove on this exceptional 12-inch...www.residentadvisor.net

Múm - Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know

01 If I Were a Fish
02 Sing Along
03 Prophecies & Reversed Memories
04 A River Don't Stop to Breathe
05 The Smell of Today Is Sweet Like Breastmilk in the Wind
06 Show Me
07 Hullaballabalú
08 Blow Your Nose
09 Kay-ray-ku-ku-ko-kex
10 Last Shapes of Never
11 Illuminated
12 Ladies of the New Century

Two years after the release of their last album, eccentric pop maestros múm return with their fifth album proper, simply named Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know, a flickering candle of an album. The album is a much more laid back album than múm’s most recent outings, more relaxed and quietly sad, often recalling sand running through fingers or ripples on a lake. And to an even greater extent than their previous albums, Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know is an ode to the light in its different shapes, from a fading bulb to the blinding sun.

Sometimes the music sounds naively utopic, but always manages to stay effortless and pure. As usual, the songs are brimming with unusual sounds, this time much of the songs revolve around a lightly prepared piano, hammered dulcimer, a string quartet, marimbas, guitars, ukuleles and in the background of a few of the songs one can hear Örvar’s parent’s parakeet singing with the piano.

The album was recorded in countless different places in four different countries, although most of it was done in múm’s native Iceland. Gunnar Örn Tynes moved to a cabin in the countryside where much of the album sprang to life, but as always múm have a hard time staying put and recorded in both Estonia and Finland. In Estonia borrowed a beautiful, many hundred-year-old house in Leigo, a place of hundreds of lakes, where they wrote new songs and recorded with the Estonian Suisapäisa Mixed choir.

Much of the music was hatched in the middle of Iceland’s recent political turmoil and uprising. The Icelandic government was forced to resign after intermittent civil unrest and the constant banging of pots and pans. By stretching the imagination, one can imagine a link between the turbulent political situation and the serene idealism hidden in the music.

The collective Mum consists on this album of Gunnar Örn Tynes and Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason, Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson (trumpet / piano/ keyboards/ string arrangements), Hildur Guðnadóttir (cello/vocals), Sigurlaug Gísladóttir (Vocals/ ukulele/ various), Róbert Reynisson (guitars/ukuleles) and Finlander, Samuli Kosminen (drums / percussion). Högni Egilsson, also joins in a few songs, sharing songwriting duties on one song and arranging choir for two others and Guðbjörg Hlín Guðmundsdóttir plays violin

Milanese - Lockout

01. Baby Blue Remix (Ft. RQM & Oliver Grimball)
02. Wonderful World (Ft. Ben Sharps)
03. The End 4:08
04. B Sharpa (Ft. Ben Sharpa) (Reload Mix)
05. The End (Untold Remix)
06. Unique 3 - Take This Love (Milanese Remix)
07. Disclosure (Ft. Ben Sharpa)
08. Fun With Robots
09. B Sharpa (Ft. Ben Sharpa)
10. The End (Off Mix)
11. Shake Wut Ya Mama Gave Ya (Milanese Remix)
12. Disclosure (Instrumental)

Dubstep electronic hero Milanese steps back into the fray with his second album for Planet Mu. His grimy-electro influenced take on Dubstep has been much imitated since the release of his 1Up album for Warp and Mus Extend so hes found himself a crew of vocal collaborators and like minded producers to shape up the next evolutionin the Milanese sound with Lockout. Now working seperately to his previous collaborators Various Production, he still shares a healthy love of vocals, represented with contributions from Ben Sharpa, RQM & Oliver Grimball added to whatever urban dance style Milanese decides to sink his skills into. His mix of Baby Blue takes hyper modified grime and adds helium pitched vox to his twisted-metal rhythms and Wonderful World sounds like hardstepping garage from 2020. The Untold remix of The End replaces the grimy digital contortions with hard plastic drums and his usual approach to clinically spacious arrangements while Milaneses own remix of Unique 3s Take This Love sounds like Various in a hype mood. Itll hit the spot for any gnarled grime and dubstepelectronica heads and probably annoy your neighbours in the process.

The Dandy Warhols - The Dandy Warhols Are Sound

1. Burned
2. Scientist
3. We Used To Be Friends
4. The Last High
5. Wonderful You
6. The Dandy Warhols Love Almost Everyone
7. I Am Over It
8. Heavenly
9. Plan A
10. Rock Bottom
11. I Am Sound
12. Insincere
13. Pete Int'l Spaceport

The Dandy Warhols Are Sound is an album The Dandy Warhols, which is the release of the original Elavado mix of Welcome To The Monkey House album, aptly titled The Dandy Warhols ARE Sound, set for release on July 14, 2009.

Prior to the release of Welcome To The Monkey House, the band had been pressing for a version mixed by Russell Elavedo, a GRAMMY-award winning soul mixing engineer whose credits include D'Angelo’s Brown Sugar, The Roots’ The Roots Come Alive, Common’s Like Water for Chocolate, and Alicia Keys’ Songs in A Minor, among others. But contrary to the band’s wishes, the Elavedo mix of Monkey House was shelved by Capitol Records, and an alternate mix the label had arranged was put out instead.

As Taylor-Taylor describes it, "There are two different approaches to mixing. One is very slick and clean, and Welcome To The Monkey House fits more into that category. ARE Sound, however, has a sneakier profile. It seems very lo-fi and earthy, but the fact is, it’s extremely precise.

The Fiery Furnaces - I'm Going Away

1. I'm Going Away
2. Drive To Dallas
3. The End Is Near
4. Charmaine Champagne
5. Cut The Cake
6. Even In The Rain
7. Staring At The Steeple
8. Ray Bouvier
9. Keep Me In The Dark
10. Lost At Sea
11. Cups & Punches
12. Take Me Round Again

All rock music is a sort of dramatic music. And since the times are tough, it makes sense to have that “drama” be something more like a version of Taxi than something like a version of Titanic. We like Taxi better than Titanic anyway. So we hope that some of the songs on this record can be used as theme songs to folk's own personal versions of Taxi. Because—ideally—the dramatic setting of the music isn't provided by the story or image of the given act or band. It's provided by the lives of the people who use—listen to—the music. That is pop music's promise and problem, or danger. So be careful and don't get canceled. The band is very optimistic—despite or because of it all—and will continue its “Democ-Rock” efforts by releasing a fully-fledged Democracy in America limited edition vinyl box-set. It might be called something like Your Cashier Today was ACM CASHIER 96. Matthew and Eleanor are also working on the Fiery Furnaces “Silent Record:” a non-record record, in book form, with notation and instructions. Both will be released by Thrill Jockey records later this year.

Thieves Like Us - Really Like to See You Again EP

01. Really Like To See You Again
02. American Skies
03. Desire
04. To Joy

Thieves Like Us met each other in Berlin in 2002. We met at a picnic in Mauer Park. Two of us are from Sweden. One is from the United States.

We were friends hanging out in a vast foreign city. We struggled with the language and the culture. We we hadn't registered our residencies at the local city hall so we couldn't even get memberships at a videotek. We were fans of rock and pop music and would try to find places to go out drinking and dancing, but all we would hear is techno and electro. The women didn't seem to like us at all. We started deejaying ourselves.

We would play old krautrock (nobody recognized it), italo disco, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Factory Records stuff, and even new hip-hop. Later on we discovered French filter house and added this to our repertoire. Our cross over dj sets really seemed to bother the Berliners. Maybe it was the inconsistency in bpms.

We liked playing records so much that we started our own band. Here we are now.

Felix Da Housecat - He Was King

01. We All Wanna Be Prince
02. Plastik Fantastik
03. Kickdrum
04. Do We Move Your World
05. We
06. Spank You Very Much
07. Do Not Try This At Home
08. Turn Me On A Summer Smile
09. Elvi$
10. LA Ravers
11. Machine
12. He Was King

Fresh off a triumphant headlining party at WMC, Felix Da Housecat is set to return with a brand new batch of dance floor bangers on July 28 with the release of his new electronic opus He Was King.

The aptly named lead single “Kickdrum”, which debuts the vocal talents of Nese Djouma, will slam into speakers April 14 on Beatport. The raw and bare track builds around a pounding 808 beat and a bitchslap snare that refuses to relent as Djourna chants “a big fat kickdrum make me wanna get some”. The track is already garnering early support from 2manydjs, A-track, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, and multiple spins on BBC Radio 1 from Pete Tong.

The perpetually in demand DJ/Producer is set to rock the dance tents at the worlds biggest festivals this year. Felix started things of at Winter Music Conference in Miami where he battled old friend P.Diddy alongside A Track, DJ Mehdi, Junior Sanchez and Simian Mobile Disco. Next up, Felix brings his ‘Black Electro’ sound to COACHELLA where he’ll be sweating things up Friday, April 17 alongside the creme of the dance music scene.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Krumble - Born Bad

01 Steady Bee
02 Summer
03 Born Bad
04 Unpleasant Dub

Julien CUENIN aka Krumble The Discobreaker (PeaceOff/Damage/Jungle Therapy/in Vitro/Deathsucker) is one of the most powerful hardcore junglist from France with a strong dj background :played all over Europe as both dj and live act with Venetian Snares, Bogdan Raczynski, Alec Empire, Spor, Dolphin&The Teknoist, Vex'd, Plasticman or DJ Krush... Released numerous ep's on several high aclaimed labels like Rotator's: Peace Off, Damage...

Omar-S - Just Ask The Lonely

03.I Love You Alex
04.Strider's World
06.Just Ask The Lonely
07.100% House
08.Track #8
09.A Victim
10.Out Of Control
11.Just Because

This album cements Omar-S's place as one of Detroit's premiere house producers. There's lots of minimal dark tracky material here alongside some more dirty soulful sounding cuts. The best joint for me is the title track which comes in at over 10:00 long but is absolutely captivating for the entire time and then some. It's nothing but a simple drum beat and a couple piano sounding samples but it's just sublime. "A Victim" is also super hot with its "a victim of obsession" vocal sample. All in all a fantastic effort from Omar-S.

Mathew Jonson - Walking On The Hands That Follow Me

01 Walking On The Hands That Follow Me
02 When Love Feels Like Crying

Mathew Jonson has been responsible for some of the most indelible moments of techno of this decade. Put together an album of his best productions - "Marionette," "Decompression," "Return of the Zombie Bikers," "Symphony for the Apocalypse," "Folding Space" - and you'd have a classic of machine devotion on par with Minimal Nation. As a result, it makes sense that Wagon Repair would devote its 50th release
to the producer who has brought the imprint much of its early acclaim. (Three of Wagon Repair's first ten releases were Jonson solo works.)

The two tracks here fall neatly into line with Jonson's best works. "Walking On The Hands That Follow Me" wobbles with the best of his dancier material, extending an unsteady hand outward for nearly half its length before introducing a digitized voice to the proceedings and shifting to a higher gear. Strings invade, cutting off into a jagged rhythm that will likely have you giving the WTF face on the dance
floor, but at home it sounds like rote Jonson-a nice groove overlaid with some self-conscious weirdness. I'm all for moments of rupture, but here it sounds forced, as though Jonson put together two ideas he had been working on because they were close enough to work.

"When Love Feels Like Crying," meanwhile, is reminiscent of "Symphony for the Apocalypse" in its tone. For synesthesia fans, I get blue as they're both
elegant, slow-moving tracks that revel in the simple beauty of tone clusters and their power to evoke feeling. Jonson runs the melody through numerous effects units instead of developing it much, and it's the right choice. Free to simply be, it works as an elegy and a track worthy of its title...

Nôze - Meet me in the Toilets

1. Encore
2. Meet me in the Toilet

Our home artists are back on the label after a successfull album released on Get Phisycal Music last summer. For this new output on Circus Company the two .hat brothers’ delivers a unik two tracker based on that .recette’ they got the secret from… First of all .Encore’, the A side, is a dj friendly oriented track that will reminds you one of the early Nôze output on Circus Company called Pofamika which was released in 2005. The track is basicly composed by a strong bass line that keeps rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ and rollin’ over a solid beat and a few significative .nôzy’ pads. All these elements are surrounded by a beautifull girl voice which quietly tells you what to do to relax. sexy french voice !!! You wish you could see her charming face between the grooves of the record… On B side, here is the message : .Meet me in the Toilet’ ! What’s Inside… Well sounds like a quite nice groovy party. Here comes the Nôze with their horn .horny’ sexion and chior duet...www.wordandsound.de

Brendon Moeller - Anchor

01 Anchor
02 Anchor (Rework)
03 Anchor (Argy's Club Reshape)

New born athens based house/tech house label blind stitch records kicks off with brendon moeller + argy!!! brendon's awesome dub-tech house cut "anchor" alongside its "rework" , drops off and gets remixed by greek househead argy for our first 12"!!! a fantastic start that gives us strength and hope for the future!!!..www.music-head.de

VNV Nation - Of Faith Power And Glory

01. Pro Victoria
02. Sentinal
03. Tomorrow Never Comes
04. The Great Divide
05. Ghost
06. Art Of Conflict
07. In Defiance
08. Verum Aeturnus
09. From My Hands
10. Where Is The Light

VNV Nation have been frequently described as one of the most unique and passionate musical acts in the world of Alternative music. Of Faith Power & Glory sees the band reach a whole new level musically. More soulful and raw than before, the album is set to be the band's strongest and most profoundly evocative release yet. As with all of VNV Nation's albums, the title describes the album's theme. In this case, it is a commentary on ourselves as individuals or on humanity as a whole. Faith, Power and Glory; three things that, in succession, can bring people to the greatest of heights and achievement, or that can corrupt and destroy.

Rusko - Babylon : Volume 2

1. Mr Muscle
2. Go Go Gadget
3. Sound Guy Is My Target Feat. Lutan Fyah
4. Moaners

Scene superstar Rusko is back with his followup to the massive 'Babylon : Volume 1' with this second double pack, and the ravers amongst you will no doubt be happy to know that he hasn't held back on the sirens. Following the trend for cutting the bassline and upping the wobble Rusko takes us into possibly even more epic, floor filling territory than ever before with the heavy-duty near-pop jump-up insanity of 'Mr Muscle' and 'Go Go Gadget', with the latter even resorting to an air siren for the breakdown. Comes in a sleeve featuring a larger than life illustrated cover of a man vomiting over himself surrounded by booze, fags and a damp spliff...

Chris Carrier - The Diagonal Infinity EP

A1. Hyperdata
A2. Wheels of Fire
B1. Space Liar
B2. Hyperdata (BLM & MarcAshken Remix)

There are two kinds of DJs: those whose goal is to make a name for themselves and those whose goal is to make music. Parisian Chris Carrier is among the latter. Matter of fact Chris's been an underground icon for more than a decade, churning out more than 150 records and remixes. Meanwhile he's founded a whole fistful of labels, including the renowned Adult Only and Catwash, alongside DJ Wild, as well as bringing his vision to labels such as Get Physical, Robsoul, Freak n' Chic to name but a few and - most recently - Spectral Sound, Supplement Facts, welcome to masomenos & Sushitech. Bringing his diverse style to the sexy, deep, techy house vibes, Chris is more sought-after than ever. Kailash is proud to present is new ep 3 tracks + one remix from BLM & MarcAshken. The Chris Carrier's tracks are really complete between Funky JazzTechouse and old school style. Good grooves and efficient for the dancefloor. The BLM & Marcashken's remix is a pure techno BOMB !!...www.mbeat.de

Ugress - Reminiscience

01. AMZ 1974
02. Chrome Shuriken Dragonfire
03. Numb (feat. Christine Litle)
04. New Shoes Escape Manoeuvre
05. It Was A Great Year (Movies With Robots)
06. The Bosporus Incident
07. Cthulhu's Night Out (feat. Heidi Marie Vestrheim)
08. Sandtraps (feat. Christine Litle)
09. Apocalypse Please Wait Buffering
10. Sordid Pulse (feat. Sjur Hjeltnes)
11. Malaria 22
12. Win Without Triumph (feat. Christine Litle)

Reminiscience is the fourth studio album from Ugress. Presenting melodic, epic retro-electronica in a cinematic scope, it lives up to the title, delivering the science and research of sweet memories.

Nostalgic robots are singing about their forgotten movies, sweet and scary monsters are humming massive club lullabies, 70'ies disco detectives are fighting crime with funk, and bubbly 80'ies computer game music bring us back to the digital childhood escapism. Masters of kung-fu deliver wise sample advice in a delicious dub, and guest vocalists bathe in pulsing house tracks and stadium sized beats.

Featuring guest vocals by Christine Litle, Heidi Marie Vestrheim and Sjur Hjeltnes.

YACHT - See Mystery Lights

1. Ring The Bell
2. The Afterlife
3. I'm In Love With A Ripper
4. It's Boring/You Can Live Anywhere You Want
5. Psychic City
6. Summer Song
7. We Have All We Ever Wanted
8. Don't Fight The Darkness
9. I'm In Love With A Ripper (Party Mix)
10. Psychic City

After releasing three albums of original music, touring worldwide, and making scores of remixes for bands like Stereolab, Ratatat, and Architecture in Helsinki, Jona Bechtolt, the former half of The Blow otherwise known as YACHT, has taken his “life project” to a new level. Last year YACHT (Young Americans Challenging High Technology) reincarnated as a duo, with Bechtolt joined by new full-time member Claire L. Evans – an accomplished science writer, artist, and veteran of the previously-underground LA noise scene.

After they recorded a tongue-in-cheek “love letter” to LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy in the form of the track “ Summer Song,” Murphy signed the pair to DFA Records.

The music, lyrics, visual and conceptual themes of See Mystery Lights were born in an ad-hoc studio in a casita in Marfa, Texas. A baffling paranormal phenomenon in the Far West Texas desert, the “mystery lights” for which the album is named are nocturnal orbs of elusive light that randomly appear along the Texas horizon. Using this anomaly as a starting point, YACHT crafted an album that is both mysterious and immediately satisfying.

“Ring The Bell” opens the album with a shamanistic groove anchored by a shaker and a rolling, one-note guitar line, steadily building as Bechtolt and Evans chant one of the album’s many Delphic mantras: “Will we go to heaven or will we go to hell? It’s my understanding that neither are real.” The stuttering high-hats of “I’m In Love With A Ripper” make for a weird, yet inescapably potent club anthem, while the subversive “Don’t Fight The Darkness” will either shed some light onto the mystical themes of the album or cast them further into shadow.

See Mystery Lights is idiosyncratic and heavily layered, exploring themes from the existential, to the spiritual, to the hedonistic, all through the distorting lens of pop.

The true beauty, however, is that one can choose to dive down YACHT’s rabbit hole and search for answers — or just as easily ignore their cryptic motifs and enjoy See Mystery Lights for the adventurous and innovative avant-pop album that it is.

TRG / Kontext - They Know / Plumes

01 TRG - They Know (TRG Berlin Wall VIP)
02 Kontext - Plumes (Relocate Remix)

One of our picks of the week for the dubstep and post-garage crew, Immerse records continue their run of top form with future club killers from TRG and Kontext. Combining Speed garage drive with dub techno sophistication, TRG's 'They Know (Berlin Wall V.I.P)' is right on the money and easily the finest drop from the torrent of recent productions. Iberian records' Relocate heads in a similar Garage-crossbred-with-techno style on the flip with a remix of Kontext's celebrated 'Plumes' made for the tougher end of the dubstep spectrum and fans of Appleblim, Peverelist or Martyn. Tip!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kate Simko - Music From The Atom Smashers

01 Welcome to Fermilab
02 Control Room
03 Quiet Daydream (Intro)
04 The Creative Part
05 Fear of the Unknown
06 Nature Surreal
07 God Particle
08 Who Needs Science?
09 Nature Surreal (Airport Edit)
10 Trouble Brewing
11 Sociber
12 Random Universe
13 Tevatron Dream
14 Quiet Daydream
15 Random Universe (Recap)
16 The Creative Part (Epilogue)

Taking a departure from her more established work as a minimal techno producer, Spectral Sound regular Kate Simko tries her hand at soundtrack work, and meets with no small amount of success in so doing. The Atom Smashers is a documentary film following physicists working at Fermilab (the USA's most powerful particle accelerator) in their quest to discover the Higgs Boson particle, and Simko sets about her score in a fashion that appropriately balances disciplined academic austerity with techie 4/4 know-how. She's in great form when tackling glitch-driven ambience on 'Quiet Daydream' and the spectrally filtered vapours that constitute 'Fear Of The Unknown', but in addition to those 12k-style meditations you get the odd beat driven track, as underlined by the microhouse reverberations of 'Sociber' and 'God Particle's uptempo melodicism. On top of all that Simko plays through a Steve Reich-styled instrumental on 'The Creative Part', showing there's more to her musical range than you might previously have thought...

Bruce Stallion - Bruce Stallion EP

1. Screw You
2. Walls
3. Feet Of Clay Davis
4. Shatners BASSoon

New Ep from Bruce Stallion (Dj FLoorclearer) Dubstep/Heavy Bass..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Kelly Project - Drifting

01 Drifting
02 Maybe We Are
03 Fadin

John Anderson and Johan Emmoth are the creative-minds behinds projects like the Kelly Project, Laid, Zoo Brazil, Cuba Computers, Nars and Outcold. Behind the great honour to work together with important artists like Fatboy Slim, Human League and Dannii Minogue they produced together with countless underground artists like James Holden, Blaze, Lo Fidelity Allstars and Tony Senghore (just to name a few). Even the experience from over 80 single release and 50 remix-works has contributed that they are one of the most innovative production teams and very respected in the dancemusic-scene.

This is a ReRelease from some nearly legendary tracks originally released on Plastic City America.

Enjoy The Silence

01. Koss - Endless Flight
02. Strategy - After Momeraths
03. Benjamin Brunn - Approaching India
04. Thomas Fehlmann - Scheiben
05. Minilogue - In The Smoke We All Became Birds
06. Jan Jelinek - Stripped To Realmode
07. DJ Koze - Lords Of Panama Rendered
08. Lawrence - Sunrise
09. DJ Sprinkles - Music Is Controllable Desire You Can Own
10. Hiroshi Watanabe - A Source Of Light
11. Vince Watson - Serenity
12. Takuwan - Ambience

Mule Electronic are set to release their first ever ambient compilation in April, in recognition of the label's fifth anniversary.

Entitled Enjoy The Silence the collection features tracks from many of the artists that Mule have been working with closely over the past year, including Lawrence, Minilogue and Terre Thaemlitz under his DJ Sprinkles guise. Hiroshi Watanabe (AKA Kaito) includes a track produced under his own name, whilst the CD is rounded off with the debut effort from fledgling producer Takuwan. Followers of Mule will be happy to know that all of the tracks are exclusive to the release, with the DJ Sprinkles cut being the only exception.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Orba Squara - The Trouble With Flying

01 Treasure Map
02 Come So Far
03 Picture Perfect (All The Colors)
04 Millionaires
05 Tomorrow
06 New Guitar
07 The Trouble With Flying
09 Too
08 Maybe
10 Tell Me
11 Brand New Day
12 Raining Again
13 Very Very (Snow In June)

To celebrate the June 23rd release of The Trouble With Flying, Orba Squara took to the road on a first ever 10 day road trip across country. The idea was "...to play some new music, meet some new people and, along the way, see what we've been missing." The entire trip has been beautifully documented as a really fantastic web project (the likes of which none of us here at VivaIndieRock have ever seen!). We highly recommend you check it out. Not only will you feel like you are part of the journey, but you will also get to preview all of the tracks on the new record as you explore.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nick Curly - Pujante

01 Pujante
02 New Town Strange

Currently, the releases and remixes of young Mannheim-born Nick Curly are integral parts of the scene. With his imprints Cécille and 8Bit Records he discovered both SIS and Johnny D., and thus shaped the electronic music scene decisively. Nick is also well-known on an international level and tours the world under the motto >Series<, which is at the same time the collective name for his vinyls. Sven Väth is a fan of the high-flyer and invites him not only to make an EP on Cocoon Recordings but also for a performance at the Cocoon night at super club Amnesia in Ibiza. The two exclusive tracks on Pujante / New Town Stranger are showing once again Nicks diversity and his intuition for groove and soul. The A side >Pujante<>New Town Stranger<. For more than 12 minutes, the listener is enchanted by this masterpiece that attracts him with its perfect groove and a fascinating voice, just like a story from another time

Regina Spektor - Laughing With EP

1. Laughing With
2. Folding Chair
3. The Call (From the soundtrack to The Chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian)
4. The Noise (Live from Bull Moose)

Regina announced today that she will release a new EP Laughing With to include her songs, “Laughing With“, “Folding Chair” from her upcoming Far album due out later this month, and also the songs, “”The Call” from “The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian” soundtrack, and “The Noise” from “Live at Bull Moose.”
Also announced, on the day of her new album release, she will perform “Laughing With” on ‘Good Morning America’ (ABC) and on June 26th she will perform the song on the Late Show with David Letterman’ (CBS).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Village Orchestra - The Dark Is Rising

A1 Dwyer
A2 Dwyer (Bonus Beats)
B1 Afanc (2562 Refix)
B2 Tober

Stuff Records, the impeccable label that gave the world Rustie and his long since sold out Jagz the Smack EP, have been quietly whittling away in the back room of the Rubadub record shop in Glasgow for a while now. This, the label's sixth vinyl release, is the techno-infused work of one Ruaridh Law (also known as one-third of The Marcia Blaine School Girls) under his The Village Orchestra alias. After a low key release on the equally iconic Highpoint Lowlife label it's Law's turn to handle both sides of the platter on The Dark Is Rising.

"Dwyer" is the centerpiece of the A-side and it's a telling nod to a non-genre specific world where the ambient chimes of Eno can sit comfortably with the pounding thump of a 4x4 kick drum and the chaotic percussion of early Squarepusher. "Dwyer Bonus Beat" streamlines its predecessor into a delayed glitch-led stomp that sirens its way around the pistoning kick drums and the snatches of rave-era drum breaks. 2562 pops up for a refix of "Afanc," and the Dutchmen manages to effortlessly stamp his gloopy atmospheric trademarks all over the track, stuttering 140 BPM drum patterns so they gallop into the reverb soaked snare clicks while simultaneously encasing everything in the polar warmth of his sprawling chord stabs.

Despite this impeccable guest spot, Law still manages to steal the show with the B-side, "Tober." Relying more on sculpting his synthesizers to pipe up and down at what seem like random integers rather than resting on the sheer power and pace of the thumping kick drum, he creates a mood-soaked piece that carries off the low end bumps with the unrelenting prevalence of an aging drunk with a pint glass full of Magners and a neck full of Viagra.

Reso - Heavy Arms EP

1. Beats In The Basement
2. Busted Crunk
3. TikTak
4. Smash Yer Face In
5. Identity (ID Remix)

Grotty, liquid, dark, brutal and lush are all words used to describe the music of 25 year-old Alex Melia aka Reso. Such a contrasting set of adjectives are hard to understand but after a listen to this EP and his other productions, you begin to understand why. A drummer at heart, these natural patterns of “skin hitting” are engrained within his brain and shine through on his digital programming and productions.

Reso’s aural identity is a densely layered, high octane tapestry, rich with musical texture and colour which really sets him apart from the minimal sparseness of many of his fellow producers. Mary Anne Hobbs has been a fervent supporter of the young producer, commissioning a special 20-minute mix for her Radio One Breezeblock show back in Jan 2007. Reso is certainly one of the most technically gifted producers to have sprouted from the dubstep scene and is fast gaining recognition from the techno, glitch and breaks scenes for his own twisted take on the dubstep sound.

This EP cements his stature in more than one genre. “Beats In The Basement” will undoubtedly be one of this years biggest dubstep releases; “Busted Crunk” is as crazy as it gets with its wonky rave style, and is very reminiscent of early Planet Mu releases but with a fresh twist; “TikTak” is a techno/glitch house assault which DJs will be tripping over themselves to play first; “Smash Yer Face In” does exactly what it says in a dubstep style; and finally “Identity (ID Remix)” has a definite nod to the old school with some very clever rave drum programming going on.

Reso’s previous release “If Ya Can’t Beat Em” was #1 in all dubstep and dance charts and “Heavy Arms EP” we know will do even more damage!

The amazing artwork for the EP has been designed by Terratag no less.

Discovery - LP

01. Orange Shirt
02. Osaka Loop Line
03. Can You Discover?
04. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (ft. Angel Deradoorian)
05. So Insane
06. Swing Tree
07. Carby (ft. Ezra Koenig)
08. I Want You Back
09. It's Not My Fault (It's My Fault)
10. Slang Tang

Side projects are often insipid and indulgent wrecks-- random noise/techno/weird experiments tossed off by people who should know better. Thankfully, Discovery-- featuring Vampire Weekend keyboardist/producer Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot singer Wes Miles-- is not one of those side projects. Started as a fun, electro-pop hobby four years ago, the duo are finally ready to release their debut album, simply called LP, on July 7 via XL.

Mirko Loko - Seventynine

01. Sidonia
02. Around The Angel
03. Love Harmonic
04. On Fire
05. Astral Vacuum
06. Bluebook
07. Shadow
08. Tahktok
09. Le Monologue d'Orfeu
10. Altrove
11. You Know Where

Following in the footsteps of Los Updates' 2008 First If You Please, Cadenza will once again invite a newcomer to the imprint to release a full-length. Loko was formerly one-half of production duo Lazy Fat People, but stepped out onto his own last year with a 12-inch for Desolat.

According to the press release Loko's Cadenza effort, Seventynine, sounds much the same as his solo work on Desolat: It's a collection of tracks that "celebrate the communal ideal of dance music with spirited, percussive tracks." But while Loko aims for the dance floor, he also reportedly is found "ducking into shadowy corners in search of more private emotions."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brendon Moeller - Jazz Junk Safari

01. Slight Transition
02. Jazz Junk Safari Mix
03. Space
04. Saviour
05. Pink Noise
06. N-Train
07. One Man's Junk
08. Changes
09. Stinkin Thinkin
10. Fixer
11. Safari
12. Traffic (Original Mix)
13. Jazz

Brendon Moeller is set to compile his three Third Ear releases onto an unmixed CD compilation later the year.

Moeller has had full-length CD releases under his Beat Pharmacy guise, but this will be the first time that Francois K's right hand man has put out an album under his own name. Packaged across two discs, Jazz Junk Safari contains both unmixed and mixed versions of the material from the vinyl EPs, with the mixed version including an exclusive remix of Guillamino, which will come out on Third Ear later this year.

Dubby house music is the order of the day, but each track has its own distinct style, with Moeller switching from smooth organic grooves ("Changes") to techier fare ("Pink Noise", "Space") with his usual polished production sheen.

Moodymanc - Thumbs Up

1. Thumbs Up
2. Seedz (Drum Dub)
3. Seedz (Original Mix)

The Tsuba Colours series continues with the debut Tsuba release from Moodymanc who has chosen green for the vinyl & sleeves and the iconic conga drums for the artwork. Like the first Tsuba Colours release by label boss Kevin Griffiths each 12“ will be shrinkwrapped and limited to 500 copies. Otherwise known as Dubble D of 20:20 Soundsystem, Moodymanc aka Danny Ward is the real deal. A jazz drumming, house music obsessive he has toured live, DJ’d the world over and is now carving a nimpeccable reputation as Moodymanc. With releases scheduled for Third Ear, Dessous and Connaisseur to name but a few, his reputation looks unlikely to be shaken, too. ”Seedz” combines tribal drums, delicate keys and subtle horns in fine style, referencing the best of New York house while remaining modern in feel. No loop-driven drum assault, “Seedz” is a carefully structured slice of deep house. B-side cut “Thumbs Up” goes south with a latin/afrobeat house direction. Carnival drums, FM bass and an unrelenting drive do the work while low-in-the-mix filtered loops ebb and flow throughout, adding the sort of melody the lazy among us would characterise as summery.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prime Numbers M7

01. Wireman - Armour (Move D Remix)
02. Wireman - Armour (Sascha Dive Remix)
03. Be - When You Left
04. Actress - Crushed

Prime Numbers return with M7. The first side is taken by a remix of Wireman’s Armour, the original of which was included on PN04 released at the end of last year. The remix is from Move D (Deep Space Network, Source Records), he ups the tempo and in trademark fashion softens the surfaces of the original, warming the core of the track whilst creating a bass heavy groove with twisting beats, synths and a husky hypnotic vocal sample. The flip includes two tracks. To start we have Crushed by Actress. Darren J. Cunningham aka Actress runs the much lauded Werk Records and this track is taken from his limited CD only album Hazyville (released on Werk in the Autumn of last year) Crushed is slo-mo, extra bass heavy, low slung house with an addictive lofi synth riff and submerged strings. The track bumps along with hiss and crackle to good affect before turning into a badalamenti-esque loop to finish. To round things off Be, the up & coming Manchester based producer provides When You Left. Be cut his teeth with the Chicago based Still music and a great Al Hudson reedit which found extensive dj support on its release. When You Left is a shuffling downbeat house groove with a jazz sentiment featuring deep rhodes keys and clipped drums, the track breaks up into a bluesy accapella section then builds up to a more direct 4/4 groove to the end...