Monday, January 31, 2011

Martyn & Mike Slott - Collabs Series No. 1

01 All Nights
02 Pointing Fingers

Martyn and Mike Slott collude on the first 12" of a collaborative series from All City. We'd guess there's a few of you breaking out in sweats already looking at the lineup, and the music should justify your giddiness. 'All Nights' is a seriously good-looking swagger-House riddim, all buff dub chords, rumping subs and a deadly percussive palette of slinking bells, slicing snares and densely padded kicks. If the Martyn influence is clear in that one, then 'Pointing Fingers' belies a fair input from Mike Slott, set to a grooving mid-tempo swing with cosmic harp and synth interplay on a Flying Lotus tip.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Double Helix / Amen Ra - LHF EP2 : The Line Path

1. Double Helix - Chamber of Light
2. Double Helix - Bass 2 Dark
3. Amen Ra - Candy Rain
4. Amen Ra - Trifle

Much anticipated 2nd session from the LHF posse, giving life to four mutant UK underground hybrids from Amen Ra and Double Helix. Compared to the work of John Cage by The Fader, 'The Line Path' is a deftly woven urban collage of extracted HipHop, R&B, Garage, Grime and Dubstep essence, reading like some wordless comic strip set during the weekend of a London raver. Double Helix takes the driving seat with 'Chamber Of Light's Horsepower-style textural interplay, a Cagean adventure in the bass bin. 'Bass 2 Dark' follows, infusing angular ethnocentric drums with 'ardcore flashbacks and dope Wu Tang samples, kinda like some pre-dubstep, adolescent dream finally come to fruition. Matters get brought firmly into 2011 with the sea-sick gangsta-boogie vibes of Amen Ra's 'Candy Rain' on the flip, featuring some grade A accordion wooze, charmingly funked-up bass and pen-on-china percussion for the Mount Kimbie effect, while 'Trifle' is like some Grime instrumental from '04 that was booted out onto the streets only to lose its marbles on hyper-skunk and be discovered at an undisclosed keysight.

Autre Ne Veut - Autre Ne Veut

01 Tell Me
02 O.M.G.
03 Wake Up
04 Two Days Of Rain
05 Drama Cum Drama
06 Emotional
07 New Depth
08 Soldier
09 Demoneyez
10 Loveline

Olde English Spelling Bee is one of those labels you can implicitly trust to provide you with the most brilliantly weird music. Their latest missive is a self titled shocker from Autre Ne Veut, a moocher from the same circles as Oneohtrix Point Never and all those weirdo Brooklyn types with an uncanny line in subtly skewed pop queerness. Seriously, this is one of the strangest, most jarringly unique records of the year, and we love it. At heart it's an incredible pop album with traces of Prince, Prefab Sprout and Kenny Loggins at its core, but each melody and harmony is delivered with an off-key sleight of hand that really plays on your preconceptions and experience of classic synth pop. There's definite nods to the soundtracks of John Hughes movies and the like, but it's perhaps more like The Breakfast Club score remade by the Troma company for some secret pay-per-view internet channel. Autre Ne Veut has possibly made one of our favourite albums this year and we urge you to investigate without delay. Essential!

Demdike Stare - Voices Of Dust

01. Black Sun
02. Hashshashin Chant
03. Repository Of Light
04. Of Decay and Shadows
05. Rain and Shame
06. Desert Ascetic
07. Viento de Levante
08. Leptonic Matter
09. A Tale Of Sand

*Strictly limited copies of this third and final part in a trilogy of Demdike Stare albums for 2010. Spread over 50 minutes and featuring all new and exclusive material mastered and cut at dubplates and mastering in Berlin, featuring supremely righteous artwork by Andy Votel* "Voices of Dust" is the third and final part in Demdike Stare's trilogy of albums for 2010. The album opens with an analogue tape drone that seems to suck the light out of whatever environment you might find yourself in, powering up Demdike's machinery for the bellydance disco assault of "Hashshashin Chant" that follows. "Repository Of Light" takes another diversion, this time wading through the gaseous environs that made the MVO trio's debut album so memorable earlier this year, before "Desert Ascetic" flips things over for a dusted, relentless assault on the souk. The album ends with the decaying loops of "A Tale Of Sand", leaving you with a bittersweet aftertaste and absolutely no sense of closure

Marcel Dettmann - Kontra Mokira Mixes

A Factory Report 1
B Factory Report 2

Marcel Dettmann has been moving in directions I don't think many could have predicted, and it's a mixed blessing. While the Berlin producer continues to be associated with a particularly forceful, industrial style (the epitome of the Berghain sound, almost cliched at this point), his 2010 output wasn't really faithful to that stereotype. His album saw him craft an hour of painstaking home-listening techno, there was a near-ambient track on the Funf compilation and you had a slew of unpredictable and inconsistent remixes (good: his remix of Traversable Wormhole's "Closed Timelike Curve"; Commix's "Satellite Type 2," not so much).

Kontra-Mokira-Mixes marks Dettmann's first original release on the always-intriguing Kontra-Musik label, and it comes armed with faux-conceptual gravitas. Dettmann constructed both of these "Factory Reports" out of elements of Swedish producer Mokira. Wait, isn't that just an unnecessarily elaborate way of saying "remix?" Regardless, Part 1 is a slippery dub techno track, and while the sub frequencies that toss and turn underneath are a nice enough foundation, the bored progression and floaty chords are impersonal and detachedly dull. Part 2 redeems its lackluster flipside, as suppressed kicks stumble in a skewed 1-2 step, attempting to break through the curtain of artificial fog. The clouds part a few centimetres enough to let some hi-hats hiss their way in, and the track simmers with the impeccable sound design expected, but it still pales in comparison to something like "Viscous" or any other number closer to Dettmann's most accomplished

XXXy - You Always Start It / Ordinary Things EP

A. You Always Start It
B. Ordinary Things

Yesterday marked the release of one of my favorite EPs that I’ve heard in quite some time. Manchester’s xxxy dropped two outstanding tracks on Ten Thousand Yen, together making up the You Always Start It/Ordinary Things EP. The opening track, labeled as ‘Not Fucking Future Garage’ on xxxy’s soundcloud, does the perfect job of incorporating a multitude of elements that stay somewhat similar while constantly evolving. Synths will come in and dip out, change in speed, and take turns as the preeminent sound. The entire song builds up to the ultimate completion of the vocal sample, followed by a chorus of sounds perfectly molded to the rest of the track. While ‘You Always Start It’ is my preferred of the two, ‘Ordinary Things’ is gorgeous in its own right. Utilizing a vocal sample whose pitch jumps go to and fro, similar methods from ‘You Always’ are employed but they are different enough to assure you that each is a separate track in its own right. I was lucky enough to snag one of the 350 vinyl prints, but for those that didn’t be sure to head over to their bandcamp and grab it for two

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morgan Zarate - Hookid EP

1. Hookid
2. Buy Bye
3. SP

First Hyperdub drop of 2011 - a stone cold future funk winner from Spacek's Morgan Zarate. Over the last few years he's cropped up on the Beat Dimensions and Fat City's Producer #1 comps, from where his 'M.A.B' neck-snapper was lifted and sifted into Kode 9's DJ-Kicks mix. Opening statement 'Hookid' is a straight up scorcher, no question, refracting hyper-reflective R&B-trance hooks through a 3D snakestyle rhythm like Joseph Hammer twysting Terror Danjah. 'Buy Bye' is equally dynamic, splaying some hi-tek swing rhythm into supremely psychedelic shapes, kinda like Spacek meets Bernard Parmegiani in Bernie Worrell's secret Russian space programme-funded anti-G studio. These are gonna make people lose their minds on the 'floor - should come with free oxygen cannisters. Recommended!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Reminiscin' of 2010..

It’s not the best of or something, it just my favorite tracks in 2010, maybe some of them overrated for some people but maybe some of them just underrated… this list delivers from techno to 2-step , from acid house to dubstep and so….

1.Alex O. smith - Mid 90s

2.Ramadanman - Work Them

3.Jamie Woon - Night Air (Deadboy Remix)

4.Modeselektor - VW Jetta

5.Onra - To The Beat feat Walter Mecca

6.Aerea Negrot - All I Wanna Do (Efdemin Remix)
7.Deadboy - U Cheated
8.Martyn - Miniluv
9.Girl Unit - Wut
10.Nebraska - This Is The Way

11.Dennis Ferrer - The Red Room (Kyle MF Hall MeMix)
12.Bok Bok - Citizen dub feat. Bubbz
13.Sound Stream - Deeper Lover
14.Alix Perez - Untitled
15.Marco Passarani - Good Split (I Like It)
16.Jacques Greene - Holdin' On
17.Joe - Level Crossing
18.Wax - 30003B
19.Gazeebo - Up Up Away
20.Elgato - Tonight

21.Heartthrob & Gaiser - Square One
22.A Made Up Sound - Rear Window
23.Addison Groove - Footcrab
24.Funkineven - Heart Pound
25.Krystal Klear - Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
26.Jamie George - The Flying Saucer
27.Recloose - I Can't Take It
28.R1 Ryders - Hydraulic
29.Breach - Fatherless (Doc Daneeka MRR SNRZZ Remix)
30.Fis-T - Night Hunter

31.James Blake - Limit to Your Love
32.Luna City Express - Gloria feat. Sigrid Elliot
33.Ryan Elliot - Abatis
34.Millie & Andrea - Ever Since You Came Down
35.Joker - Tron
36.Ill Bill Bachelor - The Demon
37.Braiden - The Alps (Kassem Mosse Fix)
38.T williams - People's Choice
39.Strom Queen - Look Right Through
40.Maxmillion Dunbar - lemon and lime

41.Katy B feat. Ms. dynamite - Lights On (Skream Remix)
42.Kutz - Hypno
43.Pearson sound - Blue Eyes
44.Cyberoptix - Kong
45.Dj Nehpets- Nonthink
46.Magda - Your Love Attack
47.Duncan Powell - Pushin (Falty DL Mix)
48.Nosaj Thing - Voices (Dorian Concept Remix)
49.Bingo Players - When I Dip
50.Kanye West - The Joy feat. Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield & Kid Kudi

51.Appleblim, Ramadanman - Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit)
52.Eliphino - I Just Can't
53.Mount Kimbie - William (Tama Sumo & Prosumer Remix)
54.M.I.A. - It Takes a Muscle (Pearson Sound Refix)
55.Fiedel - Doors To Manual
56.Nochexxx - Ritalin Love
57.Sluggo - I Get Violent
58.Kerri Chandler - Something Wrong
59.Zinc feat Ms. Dynamite - Wile Out
60.Mj Cole & Wiley - From the Drop

last but not least...

Matrix - Get Out (Kerri Chandler Remix)