Sunday, November 28, 2010

Clouds - Spat

01 Spat
02 Era Of Black Holes Part

The already-excellent dubstep duo Clouds have taken their game to the next level with two stunning tracks for their freshly minted Channel Zero imprint. As the logic goes, if you're a producer starting your own label, you'll save your very best tracks for release on said label. Clouds have certainly done that here, keeping the brilliant 'Spat' for the A-side, to deliver a shocking future-stepper coated with the sort of twinkly icy-blue electronics they're known for. On the flip is the real treasure on 'Era Of Black Holes', shirking any dubstep responsibilities to reveal an extra dope instrumental hiphop rhythm, sounding like Flying Lotus jamming with Lukid after a particularly relaxing sauna session. This 12" is already in demand and we expect it to fly out. Big record!

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