Monday, November 22, 2010

Jack Dixon - Substitute EP

01. Substitute
02. With You
03. I Let You
04. Stay
05. Be There
06. Needin' U
07. I Let You (The Phantom Remix)
08. I Let You (Damu Reflex)
09. Be There (Cairo Remix)
10. Substitute (Swarms Remix)
11. Stay (Daily Remix)

The Silverback team is proud to present to you London producer Jack Dixon. He takes us on a garage trip of high emotions and melodic syncopations, warm basslines, echoing vocals and chords that definitely sound like chrome! This EP is simply large: 6 originals and 5 remixes. The title track, ‘Substitute’, sounds like what could be the ultimate cross-over between a future garage sound and dubstep rhythms. This one will be haunting dancefloors all over the world. ‘With You’ gives bubbling subs a whole new meaning while ‘I Let You’ and ‘Stay’ show the melodic songwriting skills of Jack Dixon: organs and pads that will go straight to one’s musical heart and head. ‘Be There’ brings out an amazing baltimore rhythm covered with a garage blend. And finally (we told you it was a big one!) ‘Needin’ U’ shows Jack’s UK funky side.
As if this wasn’t enough, let us announce the remixers. We are honoured to have each of them rework one of Jack Dixon’s tracks, giving us their signature sound and amazing levels of production. Polish prodigy, The Phantom, turns ‘I Let You’ in a James Blake-ish grime banger, while future Silverback signee, Damu, brings out his lazered brilliance. Cairo strips ‘Be There’ down to the next levels of UK garage while Swarms takes ‘Substitute’ to a throbbing, down-tempo, violin-infused stepper that just seems to never stop building up. Finally, Belgium’s new hope, Daily, refixes Dixon’s ‘Stay’ into the old school garage sound for those late night sessions!

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