Monday, June 20, 2011

Jon Convex - Convexations

A Convexations
B Falling Again
C Order Into Chaos (Digital Bonus)

Damon Kirkham picked an interesting time to launch his solo career. With the other half of Instra:mental capably establishing his own lone wolf identity as Boddika, and having just released their first collaborative album Resolution 653, the debut of his Jon Convex project has a lot to live up to. As you might expect, Kirkham's solo work isn't drastically different from either Boddika or Instra:mental, but this release for 3024 (his first in what is set to be a veritable barrage of releases on numerous labels) reveals a slightly looser sound than Boddika's nailed-down electro.

"Convexations" is the perfect "I'm here" announcement, sputtering with phased chords before igniting into its ferocious main section, all tremulous, quaking percussion. Pulling him farther away from his partner, "Falling Again" is the catchiest Instra:mental-related thing since "Watching You," incorporating an earwormy vocal refrain that stutters, glitches and catches snags in the gently scaling groove. Indeed, glitch is the common theme here, as Kirkham tortures his hardware to get the most gnarled, choked sounds he can. But its captivating warmth is far from the cold austerity of most "glitch" music. Digital-only bonus track "Order Into Chaos" sounds like a Resolution 653 leftover powered by Kirkham's unique supernova burnout, a decent but unnecessary add-on to an on-point and promising debut

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