Monday, June 20, 2011

Falty DL - Mean Streets Part One

a. Mean Streets Part 1
b. Moonshine
c. Hard

No messin', Falty DL is a proper badman. He's dominated the release schedule in 2011 with some truly outstanding releases and this 12" for Swamp81 is one of his best. Part 1 of 'Mean Streets' can be taken as a love-letter of sorts to his home turf in NYC, tucking swaggered Breakbeats under muggy, droning chords and shuffling Latin disco percussion to awe-inspiring effect, constantly turning oblique corners and jay walking across the groove with a masterful knowledge of his ends. Flipside, 'Moonshine' is another gangsters special, dispensing rolled Funk drums with symphonic strings in dextrous, spatialized 2011 style while 'Hard' brings the night proper, dipping between 'ardcore-chopped breaks and uncompromising subbass dynamics. Highly recommended!


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