Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bruce - Just Getting Started / Tilikum

A1 Just Getting Started 
B1 Tilikum

True to the usual bullshit-averse attitude of his Livity Sound imprint, Peverelist is keeping background details on the producer behind this EP to a minimum. We know that this outing, for Livity Sound's sister label Dnuos Ytivil, is Bruce's debut, and that he has another coming up on Hessle Audio. Aside from that, there's an obvious desire to let the tunes do the talking here. That's fine though, because, as is generally the case with Livity and Livity-associated releases, the tunes are excellent.

"Just Getting Started" has a slightly less manic but similarly intense percussive spine as Hodge used on Dnuos Ytivil's last release, the excellent Amor Fati. A riotous hail of bass drums, toms and splintering snares, it adds various industrial wheezes and distorted screams along the way to produce a slice of rough, grainy techno. "Tilikum" has a slightly more stretched-out but no less vital feel. A bleak and restless beast, it only occasionally breaks its central emphasis on slowly thumping bass with freakout synth digressions and dense, foggy howls... www.residentadvisor.net

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