Monday, October 3, 2011

Kuedo - Videowave EP

01. Take Off (Remix)
02. Starfox (Illum Sphere's Re-fox)
03. Glow (Clark Remix)
04. Shutter Light Girl (Heterotic Remix)
05. Oh

'Videowave' marks the conclusion of phase 1 in Kuedo's oeuvre. Backed with remixes from Illum Sphere, Clark and Heterotic, he presents two brilliant new tracks conceived and executed between 2009 and 2011. His 'Take Off Remix' was (air)borne as a remix of a Slugabed track, but the original schematics were so far from the original that's it ended up here, and its techy arpeggios contrast quite sharply with his other new track 'Oh', whose flighty slowfast programming and sweeter melody almost feel like they're from a different artist. On the remix tip, Illum Sphere offers a symphonic rework of 'Starfox' full of cascading synths and bulbous bass shapes, while Clark redraws 'Glow' in a staggeringly vast 3D sphere and Heterotic takes 'Shutter Light Girl' for a beautifully romantic 808