Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blue Daisy - The Sunday Gift

01 Distance (Once Upon A Time)
02 Firewall (feat. Anneka)
03 Fallin Prelude
04 Fallin (feat. Heidi Vogel)
05 Descend
06 Shadow Assassins
07 Psyche Inquiry (feat. Hey!Zeus)
08 Raindance
09 Only For You (feat. Stac)
10 Spinning Channels (feat. Anneka)

Impressive debut album from Blue Daisy, sidestepping post-dubstep, post-FlyLo trip-hop cliche and fashioning his own distinct sound, one that's surprisingly full of harsh textures and hard angles. There are some lovely moments on here; we're instantly drawn to 'Spinning Channels', featuring amorphous vocals from Anneka, which begins in synthetic drift-psychedelia mode before organising itself into a nicely nocturnal, dubbed, boogie-house groove. Heidi Vogel's vocals are also treated and cut up to the point of abstraction, a wail of humanity echoing through the cavernous reverb of 'Fallin'. The Stac-sung 'Only For You' is the only outwardly pop number, and even that's weighed down by a palpable veil of melancholy. It's really refreshing to hear a contemporary debut from the beat-head sphere that's unafraid to wallow in emotional ambiguity and, at times, out-and-out darkness. Engrossing stuff, and definitely worth

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