Monday, August 24, 2009

Ellen Allien - Lover / You Are

A. Lover
B. You Are

After ellen allien delivered an introspection of movie length with "SOOL" that was as sharp-edged as intricate and complex, the fairy of berlin techno now trips back into the massive centre of the club. the centrifugal forces are more present there, however, the delicate, shining secret of the album that naturally lacks of any concrete tangibility still remains the glowing centerpiece of mrs. allien's creative work. it is hence that "Lover" elegantly slips out of the hand, whirs and twinkles amidst subtle synth elements and still eventually aggregates to a volatile physicalness between the hiss of the fog machine and the whispering voice of the siren - only to soon crumble into many pieces again, duplicate until it starts sounding more and more psychotic from all sides, temptatively and dangerously asking listeners to take any plugs out of their ears and join the party. magically and dreamy it is always structured with a tight thumbing bassline, that knows exactly where to go, and some grooving synths and shakers that add a housey lightness to the rite that is way too sexy for anyone to think of things as "no, thanks".
one that pushes you even straighter to the dancefloor from the first second on is the flipside, "You Are": an uncompromising, straight kickdrum paired with subtely ornate tribal elements and that massive, relentlessly forward-rolling synth line with its concentrated darkness that directly and uncharmingly presses into your stomach, taking your breath away despite its tactful compactness. all that is coated in a deliciously coarse patina with a friction surface more than big enough to sand the last bit of craziness and happiness out of the ravers' spinal cords. this track, played on an adequate PA system will answer any questions about techno and its status quo. ellen allien shows off the facets of hypnotic techno of today's berlin with two fundamentally different concepts that each know how to grab you in their own ways.



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