Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Coki - Urban Ethics

01: Shock It
02: Old Hope
03: Serious
04: Intergalactic
05: Robotnik
06: Animal
07: It

At long last Coki ‘s "Urban Ethics" triple LP finally drops. A natural sequel to the recent Mala-produced monster "Return II Space", "Urban Ethics" is the other side of the same Digital Mystikz coin. Where Mala offers the deepest seismic dub cuts, Coki delivers something altogether tougher. Opening cut "Shock It" leads the way with the kind of atmospheric intro and Scything buzzsaw bass drop that will knock the dancefloor sideways. "Old Hope" and "Serious" dip into Mala territory, proving that Coki has a rootical side as well - these are heavyweight jams that would sound fresh on the dreadest sound systems. "Intergalactic" mashes the two, mixing roots horns and a neck-snap riddim, while "Robotnik" and "Animal" have 'nasty' written all over them - not for the faint hearted! Last but not least is the disorientating "It" - spliced beats, killer bass and something nasty lurking in the fug of ganja