Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Billy Dalessandro - Polis

01. Institution
02. Callgirl
03. Nanomachines
04. Joust
05. Infatuate
06. Barnacles
07. Slphasex
08. In The Red
09. Escapement
10. Acidburn
11. Inebriate

When music historians take a look back at 2008, it will come as no surprise that the year wasn't the best in terms of techno output. With cries of Abe Duque's legendary track "What Happened?" reverberating throughout the industry, 2009 is poised to be the year where techno makes it comeback. Chicago based producer Billy Dalessandro needs no introduction. He has been there to witness the many changes techno has gone through in the past decade, and offers "Polis" as his response. Featuring 11 tracks, his debut album for Soniculture (and fourth artist album in his career) is a look at city structure ("Polis" being the Greek word bearing the meaning "city"), the crumbling facades amidst urban decay. The world is headed into one of its most uncertain times, and that fear is reflected in these dark productions that Dalessandro created with late nights and early mornings in mind. For from the darkest hours great things often emerge, and when music historians look back on 2009 as the year that techno made its comeback, "Polis" will certainly be among those works receiving great praise. ?"Polis" has been supported by Benno Blome, Blood and Tears, Christopher Bleckmann, Daniel Mehlhart, D-Nox, Dario Zenker, David Keno, Dole and Kom, Eddie Richards, Gabriel Ananda, Gianni Vitiello, Greg Delon, Haito, Jeff Samuel, Laurent Garnier, Mark Henning, Matt Star, Max Cooper, Maxime Dangles, Mihalis Safras, Mike Wall, Nicolas Duvosin, Nhar, Oliver Klein, Oliver Markreich, Ondrej, Oscar, Patrick Bateman, Patrick Zigon, Perc, Stephan Bodzin, Sonet77, Superpitcher, Tobi Neumann,Tocadisco, Tommy Four Seven, Tyler Stadius, Xpansul, among others.

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