Monday, September 5, 2011

Funkineven - Roland's Jam

1. Roland's Jam
2. Take Back
3. XXX

Rudest wrigglin', optimised acid jams from London's highly regarded Funkineven. This is is his fourth shot on Floating Points and Alex Nut's Eglo label, and really doesn't let up with the deeply satisfying 303 burns. A-side is the massive 'Roland's Jam', running bulky kicks set with biggest warehouse reverbs against lip-bitin' acid squiggles and layers of frictional but slippery synths to get ya sweatin'. Flipside 'Take It Back' jams on a warped boogie pivot, factored with kinetic video signatures a la VHS Head, and 'XXX' takes that vibe somewhere more suggestive and sleazin'. DJs and dancers need a piece of this. TIP!

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