Saturday, May 16, 2009

Andomat 3000 - Quarzy feat. F.L.O EP Remixes

01 Delirium Tremens (Pan-Pot Remix)
02 Delirium Tremens (Goldwill Dementia Clemens Remix)

After the original Ep of Andomat 3000 also on eimaleins, a good construction and a great work by the way (as always on einmaleins), now comes the remixes of “Quarzy Ep” where the only track submitted to the uplift was “Delirium Tremens” where Pan Pot and Goldwill hold the reconstruction and re-interpretation of track’s sense.

So, as arrives, you put it playing in the A side and you just dropped the needle on Pan Pot’s interpretation of the world. The bass graphs start appearing on the horizon and you came across a metallic sound tickling from time to time while the drived bass keeps your energy on and as it goes things appear static, where it isn’t in anyway. The track pulls you into a non-stop feeling and you start to realize how things are here, a great listen. And as this metallic sound keeps coming things get hot in a techno dark progressive way, the minimal is the attention dedicated to details ;). Pan Pot’s world.
Goldwill, who released three Ep’s, makes a good work, entering the connection and pattern that the track demands, even if sometimes you feel everything as just a loop, he appears with a detail or a break into something new and adds some harmony. Appart the quality and some attention in construction, it seems only a track constructed on a basics structural way, where it can’t pick you or drop you in a heavily sense. Still, a name to see in next

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