Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Double Helix / Amen Ra - LHF EP2 : The Line Path

1. Double Helix - Chamber of Light
2. Double Helix - Bass 2 Dark
3. Amen Ra - Candy Rain
4. Amen Ra - Trifle

Much anticipated 2nd session from the LHF posse, giving life to four mutant UK underground hybrids from Amen Ra and Double Helix. Compared to the work of John Cage by The Fader, 'The Line Path' is a deftly woven urban collage of extracted HipHop, R&B, Garage, Grime and Dubstep essence, reading like some wordless comic strip set during the weekend of a London raver. Double Helix takes the driving seat with 'Chamber Of Light's Horsepower-style textural interplay, a Cagean adventure in the bass bin. 'Bass 2 Dark' follows, infusing angular ethnocentric drums with 'ardcore flashbacks and dope Wu Tang samples, kinda like some pre-dubstep, adolescent dream finally come to fruition. Matters get brought firmly into 2011 with the sea-sick gangsta-boogie vibes of Amen Ra's 'Candy Rain' on the flip, featuring some grade A accordion wooze, charmingly funked-up bass and pen-on-china percussion for the Mount Kimbie effect, while 'Trifle' is like some Grime instrumental from '04 that was booted out onto the streets only to lose its marbles on hyper-skunk and be discovered at an undisclosed keysight.