Wednesday, January 26, 2011

XXXy - You Always Start It / Ordinary Things EP

A. You Always Start It
B. Ordinary Things

Yesterday marked the release of one of my favorite EPs that I’ve heard in quite some time. Manchester’s xxxy dropped two outstanding tracks on Ten Thousand Yen, together making up the You Always Start It/Ordinary Things EP. The opening track, labeled as ‘Not Fucking Future Garage’ on xxxy’s soundcloud, does the perfect job of incorporating a multitude of elements that stay somewhat similar while constantly evolving. Synths will come in and dip out, change in speed, and take turns as the preeminent sound. The entire song builds up to the ultimate completion of the vocal sample, followed by a chorus of sounds perfectly molded to the rest of the track. While ‘You Always Start It’ is my preferred of the two, ‘Ordinary Things’ is gorgeous in its own right. Utilizing a vocal sample whose pitch jumps go to and fro, similar methods from ‘You Always’ are employed but they are different enough to assure you that each is a separate track in its own right. I was lucky enough to snag one of the 350 vinyl prints, but for those that didn’t be sure to head over to their bandcamp and grab it for two

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