Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Morgan Zarate - Hookid EP

1. Hookid
2. Buy Bye
3. SP

First Hyperdub drop of 2011 - a stone cold future funk winner from Spacek's Morgan Zarate. Over the last few years he's cropped up on the Beat Dimensions and Fat City's Producer #1 comps, from where his 'M.A.B' neck-snapper was lifted and sifted into Kode 9's DJ-Kicks mix. Opening statement 'Hookid' is a straight up scorcher, no question, refracting hyper-reflective R&B-trance hooks through a 3D snakestyle rhythm like Joseph Hammer twysting Terror Danjah. 'Buy Bye' is equally dynamic, splaying some hi-tek swing rhythm into supremely psychedelic shapes, kinda like Spacek meets Bernard Parmegiani in Bernie Worrell's secret Russian space programme-funded anti-G studio. These are gonna make people lose their minds on the 'floor - should come with free oxygen cannisters. Recommended!!!...www.boomkat.com


  1. hxxp://hotxxxxxfile.com/dl/99119117/4a1e88b/HDB044.rar

    thanks to Epperson