Monday, August 10, 2009

Health - Get Color

01 In Heat
02 Die Slow
03 Nice Girls
04 Death+
05 Before Tiger
06 Severin
07 Eat Flesh
08 We Are Water
09 In Violet

Set your cranial cortex for noise-disco because Los Angeles' HEALTH are staging their triumphant return, with Get Color on September 8th. The Smell-affiliated group's 2007 self-titled debut and critically-acclaimed remix record HEALTH//DISCO, already got the noisy quartet sweating across stages shared with the likes of Crystal Castles, Nine Inch Nails, and Of Montreal but last month's phenomenal single "Die Slow" pointed at an eventual shift towards the group's clamorous mutatation of disco music.We'll find out in the fall whether we should bring our dancing shoes to the party. HEALTH's sophomore album, Get Color is being distributed by Lovepump United and the nine-track second offering's track list and cover artwork are both below.



    thanks to Trinxo