Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kate Simko - Take You There EP

01. Take You There
02. Down Beat
03. Take You There (Bruno Pronsato's Break-Up Day Remix)
04. Margie's Groove

From its unforgettable opening “one… two… one-two-three” kick pattern, Kate Simko’s “Take You There” proves that a few well-placed elements are all it takes to make a minimal-house classic. The Take You There EP is yet another entry into Simko’s growing catalogue of immaculately arranged dance music—light-on-their-feet but dark-of-heart dance tracks whose precision individual elements build upon one another, combining and re-combining into a greater whole.

“Take You There” rides its stark three-beat kick hook for all it’s worth. Simko dresses that iconic thump to the nines, dropping jaunty tambourines, tingly synth swells, and disco claps, deepening the space with swoops of eerie ambiance and Brenda D’s breathy, reverb’d vocals. “Down Beat” takes its title to heart, draping a deep, jazzy rhythm in melancholy keyboard pads that bring to mind a moonlit drive through a snow-covered metropolis. “Take You There (Bruno Pronsato’s Break-Up Day Remix)” sucks out much of the song’s low end, to fascinating effect: The iconic kick pattern, rendered little more than a series of digital blips, combines with silky keys to give the track a serenely sinister glide. The EP closes with “Margie’s Groove,” the standout B-side from last year’s “Gamelan” single (and a favorite of DJs including Guy Gerber, Jamie Jones, Shonky and Dyed Soundorom). And while the Take You There EP’s four songs may leave you wanting more, Simko’s specialty is tantalizing understatement—she knows you’ll keep coming

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