Thursday, August 27, 2009

Click Box - Wake Up Call

1. Wake Up Call
2. Nebula
3. Room
4. Blue Box
5. S Bahn

Click Box have fast become a permanent fixture in the Minus firmament, personifying the subtle shifts that are taking place within the scene as the label expands its repertoire and broadens its horizons to incorporate emerging artists from all over the globe. Already on to their second Minus release of 2009, São Paulo DJs/producers Marco AS and Pedro Turra immediately pick up where they left off with the roving bass and pumping rhythm section of Wake Up Call doing exactly what it says on the tin. As with the first EP, the oscillating synth patterns continue to dominate proceedings, painting neon shapes in the darkness before another delicious robotic sequence shifts the atmosphere by introducing a moroder-esque vibe complete with twisted disco bleeps. It’s just another example of how Click Box have honed their sound since their debut I&T release through a finely crafted mixture of proto-house, electro and techno, to create a distinctive hybrid that’s fast becoming their own. There is something reassuringly familiar about the fat basslines and classic old school sequences they use but it’s their innovative approach to sound design and the adrenalin rush of their arrangements that allows them to connect the past and the future with such authenticity. Moving on, Nebula extends the party vibe with a funk-infused hihat pattern taking hold while a moody, throbbing bass pulse stalks the undergrowth. More modulated madness ensues as the wasp like synth melody twists and morphs to distraction, blooming and fading as the beats motor forward. Acidic overtones continue to dominate during the intro to Room before the boys let fly with another lethal snare line and a flurry of sliding bleeps. The tight interplay between the drum parts and bass patterns is a constant theme throughout these tracks but it’s the musical sensib ility of the outrageous sounds and shapes they use that really captures the imagination as you drift further into their cleverly mapped-out arrangements...



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