Thursday, February 10, 2011

CONtakT - Not Forgotten / Rhodophyta

01. Not Forgotten
02. Not Forgotten (Rolando remix)
03. Rhodophyta

Local Action come correct with two debut productions by Contakt strapped with a killer Rolando remix! Keeping the label's versatile yet focussed agenda in line, 'Not Forgetten' tips the balance towards boldly melodic and tranced-out motifs powered by a cool and clipped Funky roll, whereas 'Rhodophyta' is all about rugged, highly rinsable dub chord flares and staggered Funky rhythm construction for the movers. Detroit's son, Rolando revises 'Not Forgetten' with a deft Latin tuck, savouring the build with a skilled restraint and teasing the rhythm like he's loving it. Healthy!

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