Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old Apparatus - Old Apparatus


Strictly Limited edition, screen-printed sleeve - amazing new debut on Deep Medi** Dreader-than-dread dubstep abstractions from the much murmured-about Old Apparatus. Deep Medi have seriously opened the field with this 12", exploring a darkside realm of post-dubstep noise-sculpting/sound design posited somewhere in the midst of Chasing Voices, Burial and old-style Vex'd. Nobody bar the label knows who's behind it, but that only amplifies its enigmatic aura. The A-side builds from a squall of distortion into cataclysmic bassline worship sounding like Stephen O'Malley jamming with Mala while insectoid percussion etches skeletal surface patterns and the rhythm unfolds like something from the Anstam archives. The B-side is weirder still, a multi-sided geometric construction unstably morphing from ecstatic dubstep noise to Raime-like halfstep industrial dystopia, with an added welt of blackened distortion. This is f**king brilliant. Highly recommended!...www.boomkat.com


  1. A: hxxp://www.mediaxxxxxfire.com/?jiab1fhd8btsoja
    B: hxxp://www.mediaxxxxxfire.com/?j982slgwdon2a2n

    thanks to oli3