Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pixelord - Fish Touch

01 Fish Touch
02 Kiss Your TV
03 Cybernator
04 Flower Cannon
05 Fish Touch (Busted By Herobust)
06 Cybernator (Om Unit Remix)
07 Fish Touch (Kidkanevil Remix)

Err, when did Gultskra Artikler start making electronic HipHop?! Well, last year by the looks of it, but it totally flew under my radar. Anyway, 'Fish Touch' is really good, flowing from dubbed-out wonk on the title track to the nastier bass growls and forced neck-snap of 'Kiss Your TV', through to Dubstep/Skweee like jest on 'Cybernator' and 'Flower Cannon'. On the remixes, heRobust ives 'Fish Touch' a holographic remake while Om Unit gives 'Cybernator' a Juan Atkins-alike overhaul and KidKanevil reviews 'Fish Touch' from a more staggered crunk

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