Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Foamo & Randomer – Back In The Game/Pull Up

A Back In The Game
B Pull Up

Back in the Game is a collaboration between two of the labels leading lights Foamo and Randomer. Both proven masters of bass manipulation, the promise of the two working together on a single had us cranking the volume in expectation.

Having progressed from the distinctive fidget sound that saw him leap onto the scene a few years ago, Foamo’s productions have become bouncey percussion and bass affairs with a carnival atmosphere. Here we find an obvious crossover with Randomer, whose ever-varying releases have recently included the summer vibes of Alize and the low-end funk of Zabu.

As you might expect from the pair, both Back In The Game and B-side Pull Up are aimed squarely at the dance floor. Starting with a melody played out on wooden keys, the title track layers in a clapping rhythm under sharp synth bursts, before the reverberating bass drops and sets the whole thing off. Vocal shouts of ‘Back again’ join the clapping rhythm to ensure the party vibe, while the undulating bass rumbles through your body and keeps
your feet on the move.

Pull Up dismantles Back In The Game and reassembles it with a darker twist. Long, dramatic synths and a simple thudding beat create an ominous air, added to by snatching vocals and unsettling percussion. This time round the synth bursts distort and fade into each other, allowing the subtle introduction of some low end enhancement. The bass and dramatic pads combine in a deep, sinister bed that’s punctuated by clicks, claps and a deliciously warped horn. Driven by a propulsive beat and atmospheric from start to finish, Pull Up is sure to be smashing up clubs over the coming months.

With the amount of innovation currently streaming through UK bass music it would be easy to get left behind, Foamo & Randomer however have managed to knock up a fresh sounding record that retains their signature qualities. Although we’re not sure they ever left, Back In The Game has once again shown the duo’s talents for destroying a dance floor and confirmed they’ll continue to be names to watch in 2011...www.hyponik.com

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