Saturday, May 9, 2009

Raised By Robots - Disorganization Will Save Us All EP

01. Disorganization Will Save Us All
02. Dinner Pill
03. Murder Weapons
04. True Romance
05. A New Horror

In the fall of 2008 RBR recorded a small selection of songs in the front room of a San Francisco apartment, which they would release in May of 2009. Reflecting their new-found musical maturity and live prowess, "Disorganization Will Save Us All" is a giant musical leap for RxR, mixed by Eli Crews (Why?, Deerhoof) and mastered by Mike Wells (Why?, Son Lux, John Vanderslice, etc.). Perhaps best summed up by the second track 'Dinner Pill', the EP finds anthemic choruses amidst dark, atmospheric post-post-rock, pulling the listener through winding, unexpected song structures that offer pop rewards to those who hang on for the ride. Elsewhere, songs spread outover rhythmic pulses alone, stretched into skeletal rock exercises until climaxing with fits of guitar abandon. The record is a short, yet potent look at a band that has finally discovered a recorded equivalent to their cathartic live shows, a 16-minute manifesto that acts as a fitting introduction for Raised By Robots to the world at large.

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