Saturday, July 18, 2009

Karizma - Neccessarry Maddness

01. Neccessarry Maddness
02. Drumz Nightmare

US house lynchpin Karizma controls the floor with two outstanding cuts ranging from Broken flavours to kinked Funky on the latest R2 plate. Karizma's house music has a massively wide appeal, his broken and beautifully kinked rhythms have a universally infectious (well, unless you're a Celtic Frost fan, maybe) effect which have seen them deployed in sets from many players involved with disparate strands of the house diaspora. On this plate he offers two varied tracks, 'Neccessary Maddness' built for the DJs to take on bashy swung 'apache' breaks and tucked bleeps lending an underlying tension that works wonders on the floor. 'Drumz Nightmare' on the flip is a moodier groove, tripping out wih subliminal bass surges before sparkling harp samples and choppy strings lick into each other and about 5 different drum tracks coalesce into an irresistably twisted beat made for skilled dancers. Essential tracks for fans of Cooly G, Roska or

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