Wednesday, July 22, 2009

High Rankin - No Money For Guns EP

1. No Money For Guns
2. Break Street
3. Bubble & Squeak feat. Gyto
4. New Messiah
5. The Tale Of Clarence Baskerville
6. The Tale Of Clarence Baskerville (Full Vocal Mix)

The 'No Money For Guns' EP is clearly rooted in the Dub-step camp, but to my ear sound more like a fusion of rave, breaks and garage….. (So Dubstep it is then)

The lead track ‘No Money for Guns’ is a brash, bassline driven, half step affair which is undoubtedly great stuff, if a little imposing, and sets the tone for the majority of the EP.

But it the stand out second track ‘Beak Street’ that gets my vote.

‘Beak street’ combines a full 2-step garage beat reminiscent of the ‘golden age’ of ukg, electro squeaks n bleeps that would make the plump ones proud, and a big wobbly bass that’s bound to get pulses racing, and well and truly bridge some of genre gaps.

Track three ‘Bubble and Squeak’ keeps with the same 2-steppy vibe, but doesn’t quite hit with the same impact of ‘Beak Street’ while the remainder of the tracks (New Messiah and The Tale Of Clarence Baskerville) take us back to full blown sample driven dub step vibe of ‘No Money for Guns’ all in all good stuff, with one killer moment!

This EP is gonna get some serious rotation!

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