Monday, July 13, 2009

Skream & Cluekid - Sandsnake / Movin Snares

a. Skream & Cluekid - Sandsnake
b. Skream - Movin Snares

After much speculation the debut release on Skream's very own "Disfigured Dubz" is finally with us - and its a blinder. The a-side collaboration with Cluekid revolves around a looped Amen Break and demented bass that are both so loud and crisp that it puts to shame anything else that's spun on our decks today - and that's before you even bring those shocking stabs into the equation. "Moving Snares" on the flipside finds our man operating solo and taking a few measured risks - primarily with the dense Technoid structure that dominates the track, enforcing those myriad rumours that the twin engines of dubstep and techno are soon to be conjoined into a single heaving generic mass that's going to take over dancefloors the world over. On the evidence given on this track - here's hoping. Killer twelve - upfront copies!



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