Monday, July 13, 2009

Hug - Greatest Hug's

01 The Platform
02 Fluteorgie
03 Wet Summer
04 The Happy Monster
05 Gas
06 The Chopper
07 Raido
08 Birds
09 Faceless Is More
10 The Angry Ghost
11 Singalong

It's one thing to not know how to use apostrophes, but it's quite another to misuse them in such a massive font. Perhaps John Dahlback can be excused for this on the basis that he's a bit foreign (Swedish, to be more specific), but you could equally excuse him based upon the blisteringly high quality of this singles collection. In this package you get such incendiary dancefloor shakers as 'The Platform' and 'The Happy Monster', applying the sort of economical, brain-meltingly distorted synth riffs that can't help but make you smile, On top of that there's garishly good fun to be had with tracks like 'Wet Summer', 'The Chopper' and 'Singalong', all of which set feisty, crispened up beats alongside massive, slavering electronic melodies. Elsewhere other highlioghts arrive via the bloopy arpeggios of 'Raido' (suggestive of fellow Scandinavians Royksopp), and the surreal oscillations of 'Birds' (which goes a bit Alter Ego). There's nothing here that could be described as a slouch - no filler, just an orgy of stripped down dancefloor high jinks.

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