Sunday, July 19, 2009

Von D - Coquine

A. Coquine
B. Truth (Tes La Rok Remix)

Smarter rave drops from Von D backed with an ace Tes la Rok remix. D's 'Coquine' initially sounds simialr to his 'Echolow' cut, which is no bad thing, with dub chords building over a powerful sub driven riddim chassis. Things get interesting after the second drop which literally inverts the common dubstep practice of harder-is-better with a lighter roll out and skipping pattern, a kind of sunshine after the rain if you will. Tes La Rok's effort is also up to Von D's high standards, sidestepping the rave with a deeper and more involving dubtech cut that puts his lauded production knowledge to very good use. Clever 12" for them that know.

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