Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clubroot - Clubroot

1 Low Pressure Zone
2 Embryo
3 High Strung
4 Dulcet
5 Lucid Dream
6 Birth Interlude
7 Talisman
8 Nexus
9 Sempiternal
10 Serendipity Dub

Fans of Burial, take note. Lo Dubs come correct this week with a hugely enticing and anticipated album from Clubroot. Clubroot has apparently been producing for the best part of the decade, initially constructing tech step D'n'B indebted to the likes of Nico, Ed Rush and Optical but shifting his palette to the dominant dubstep style in recent years. To sum up Clubroots sound as succinctly as possible, it's like the perfect hybrid of Burial and Kryptic Minds, taking the mood driven atmospheres and quicksilver slink of Burial and alloying it to dynamic basslines and intricately produced rhythm structures. This combination is explored through ten tracks united by a singular rhythmic vision in thrall to classic darkside dance music and operating under the cover of severely occluded atmospheres. With Mary-Anne Hobbs fully on his case and forums across the interweb quickly catching onto his sound it's not going to be long before he's soundtracking every channel four ident so make sure to get in early! Essential recommendation for fans of Burial!!!



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