Tuesday, October 26, 2010

El Rakkas - Seas Of Disease / I & I Remixes

1 Seas Of Disease (LV Remix)
2 I & I (XI Remix)

El Rakkas, the duo from Graz, Austria, can be described in a very broad fashion as the sound that fills the void between Rhythm and Sound and the generalized stereotype of Dubstep. This could be a basis of thought, but as that denotes an artist with more in common with headphones than that of a dancefloor, it really is not wholly accurate, as anyone who has pushed our previous LoDubs 12" by them through a proper soundsystem (LoDubs-014, featuring the originals of these two remixes) can attest to. Now, those mystical elements are scrutinized by two pillars of our sound, LV and XI, with a sensibility that shows a pretanatural understanding of the individual songs inherit traits.
LV, largely known for productions on Hyperdub (We honestly believe "Turn Away" is by far the best song on the recent Hyperdub comp) Takes "Seas of Disease" and gives it a punchy near four-on-the-floor kick drum and driving swing, that along with distinctive crakles and effects demonstrate what could be a nexus of a whole substrian of the sound, should some big headed blogger decide to come up with a catchphrase for it. in a true ying to the LV's yang, XI presents a monster of a remix of "I & I" which unlike many throw-everything-at-the-wall remixes, contains a largely understated kick drum, nor anything garish in the way of a melody. The raw power in this remix comes from what we are referring to as an "Anti-wobble", a ingeniously applied bassline full of subharmonic sweeps, bleeps, and creeps that much like the LV remix, really demands a classification of its own. It simply must be heard in the correct environment to be believed...www.lodubs.bandcamp.com

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