Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gabriel Ananda - Charming & Alarming

01. Trixini
02. Hyperballet
03. Charming & Alarming
04. Bezwei

One interesting thing about consistency is that it's not achieved by doing the same thing over and over again, but by doing something that's different enough each time, and doing it well. Gabriel Ananda's a prime example, and this third release on his and Marcel Janovsky's Basmati label is varied and creative. "Trixini" opens with wonky, off-kilter folds of dissonance, then drops into a smooth, submerged soup and builds back up, reintroducing the earlier acidic squawks. The structure seems to tell a story, evolving into different sections easily and interestingly. "Hyperballet," in contrast, has deliriously innocent shrieks, then sweet, glowing pastel whistles and plinks; quirky, storytime stuff which would work alongside tracks from his hometown's Kompakt label.

"Charming and Alarming" comes on a bit stronger, and the solid funkiness in the rhythm is complemented as usual by a roughshod aesthetic that makes all the difference. A demented barrel organ and screwloose bloops take turns and then come together near the end. It's not serious music, but it's done with serious attention to detail, form and musicality. The structures of these tunes are all somewhat unexpected, but make complete sense. "Bezwei," meanwhile, is almost totally serious, rolling, tough and eminently clubbable with dreamy, quietly epic pads and wonky melodic percussion which suggests simple melancholy. Like the others, it's rhythm-heavy enough for club rotation but engaging and emotive enough for the playlist at home as


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