Monday, October 4, 2010

Babe, Terror - Summertime Our League

1. Summertime Our League (Four Tet Rework)
2. A Capital Federal (Appleblim And Arkist Rework)
3. Summertime Our League

Hypnotic and mesmeric, the haunting music that Brazilian artist Babe, Terror makes belies its origins: originally conceived as a soundtrack to “cold Saturday afternoons” at home and long, late night walks around his hometown of Sao Paulo, his tracks are not so much songs as compelling, unsettling aural landscapes; lush, cinematic stories rendered as washes of electronica, absorbing influences as disparate as 50’s pop, Tropicalia and cold wave and distilling them to their ghostly essence.

After winning acclaim with releases in 2008 from the likes of The New Yorker, Pitchfork and Uncut, Phantasy Sound is finally introducing the UK to the unusual charms of Babe, Terror. EP 1 features the spectral chill of “Summertime Our League”, twisted pop that the reconfigures the Beach Boys' lush harmonies into something haunted by the night time of the city. Images of empty car parks, abandoned buildings and hot summers emerge through a hazy mist of fuzzed out layers of controlled feedback and spacious reverb. In addition, his soundscapes have provided the perfect bedrock for remixes from two artists creating progressive future music both at the height of their respective careers - Four Tet and

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