Thursday, October 28, 2010

J.Rabbit - The Sex Crime EP

a. Crazy Talk
b. Disco Stick
c. Sex Crimes
d. Thug Life

J.Rabbit is killing it right now. The New York resident, is not new to the genre, and with releases on DZ’s Badmen label, Play me, and huge remixes for the Party Like Us Crew, there seems to be no stopping him these days.
Here, He lets off some steam with a 4 cut monster EP for the Trillbass crew. These tracks are pure nasty dancefloor killers. Insane Basslines, and thumping drums pump thru all four of these tracks, and leaves nothing to the imagination. These are a must for any DJ who wants to destroy bassbins... J.Rabbit is a beast, welcome to the revolution.

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