Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Elgato - Tonight / Blue

1. Tonight
2. Blue

Hypnotic swingers from the revered DJ and now producer, Elgato, making his debut on the equally esteemed Hessle Audio. Ask almost anyone who's been tracking this underground UK thing for the last decade and they'll have come across an amazing Elgato DJ set, crossing from Grime to Techno and all points in between with consummate style. Essentially these tracks sound like a distillation of all those mixes; the mesmerizing flow of 'Tonight' incorporates dubstep subbass intensity with fluid percussive programming, aligning patterns from Garage, Hardcore and House for an inescapably locked-in groove, recalling everyone from LD to Scuba and Bok Bok in mongrel style. On the flip, 'Blue' is aimed squarely at the Funky/House nexus, rolling out devastating subbass pressure under typewriter rhythms with squashed R'n'B vocals and hovering strings maintaining a sublime tension. To be totally honest, we've not heard anything quite like this from the scene yet and it's going to be getting a lot of plays round these ways. Fans of Narcossist, Ramadanman, and the deeper ends of Doc Daneeka and co need this!...www.boomkat.com

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