Monday, October 4, 2010

Rustie - Sunburst EP

1. Neko
2. Dragonfly
3. Beast Nite
4. Chew
5. Hyperthrust
6. Starwolf

Since 2007 Wegie rogue Rustie has decimated the world of electronic music with a handful of exhilarating 12"s. The demented 'Sunburst' is his long awaited debut for Warp, lurching into his future vision of hyper-coloured prog-rock, crystallized digital emotions and bombastic rhythm dynamics. Much like his 'Jagz The Smack' debut, there's no clear banner to this style, crushing everything from ultra-modern American Funk to '80s synth dreams, 8-Bit Japanese cuteness and stadium-worthy riffage. The closest comparison would perhaps be to his Glasgow brethren, Hudson Mohawke, or LA's finest Flying Lotus, but this guy is still way out on his own platform, zapping baddies with lazer-boogie synthlines and wrecking booties with deceptively fluid rhythm constructions. In 'Neko' we find his most distinctive statement, like a sugar-rush fever dream with Rustie as some Macauley Culkin figure in a John Hughes movie soundtracked by Outkast and a Scottish marching band. In a perfect world, the heroic swell of 'Dragonfly' would be topping the charts, while the 3D spirograph squiggle of 'Hyperthrust' shows how prog-rock can still be clever and retain a sense of forward funk without spooling overboard into the most elaborate math-wank ever conceived. Imagine Araab Muzik jamming with Battles in an import-only Japanese arcade game and you're on the button. Highly recommended!

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