Friday, April 8, 2011

Blawan - Bohla EP

1. Bohla
2. Kaz
3. Lavender

The R&S renaissance continues with three uniquely lethal tracks from one of the UK's most exciting young producers. Like Untold before him, Blawan respectfully infuses his hardcore swung rhythms with a sound most commonly associated with the label, the good 'ol 303. It forms an integral part of each track, from the chirruping squiggles smudged into the loping swingjack groove of 'Bohla' to the detuned gurgles eating into complex tribal polyrhythms on 'Kaz' or dissolved into the bass-sunken new world jack of 'Lavender'. Aside from sounding fiercely technoid and alien, his use of acid sequences with swung or broken patterns exposes a vital connection between Belgian and UK hardcore dance musics, where tribal febrility meets cybernetic reality in a marriage of exotic

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