Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cosmin TRG - A Universal Crush

01. A Universal Crush
02. Negligee
03. Magnetic Bodies
04. Sirop

Cosmin TRG continues his trajectory into deeper House and Techno grooves on his third release for Rush Hour's Direct Current series. The title track begins with a cascade of strangely tuned strings before becoming consumed by driving 4/4s, while 'Negligee' views Detroit from a distance with zig-zagging bars oscillating between pitched strings and squirming bleeps propelled by thick, padded bottom end. Magnetic Bodies' takes the vibe somewhere more romantic with fluttering synths and cannily uplifting chord progressions alloyed to firm but supple rhythm programming and 'Sirop' elevates the energy levels for a finely filtered construction fusing NYC Garage and Chicago House sensibilities.


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  2. nice release from the romanian guy