Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hard Ass Sessions: Volume V

1. Kingdom -Stadium Pass
2. Poirier - Vivendo Juntos
3. Bert On Beats - Bassy Baile
4. Pocz & Pacheco - Tuki Love

Four new cats contribute to the fifth edition of Enchufada's fierce 'Hard Ass Sessions'. OG NYC badboy, Kingdom drops the broad-shouldered swagger of 'Stadium Pass' in his signature style, while Poirier ramps up an infectious Soca burner on 'Vivendo Juntos'. The oddly named Bert On Beats sweeps clean with the rugged Ghetto bounce of 'Bassy Baile' and Pocz & Pacheko curl off a dippin' Cumbia cracker on 'Tuki Love'. If you've got a party to please, buy the whole series and you're set! Big tip for followers of L-Vis, Melé, or Ramadanman!

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