Friday, April 8, 2011

Jacques Greene - Another Girl

01. Another Girl
02. Holdin' On (Braiden Remix)
03. The Look (Mark Flash UR Remix)

LuckyMe drop one of the most anticipated dancefloor 12"s of the last 12 months, backed up with remixes of tracks from 'The Look' by Rinse FM's Braiden and UR's Mark Flash. There's no need to bang on about 'Another Girl', it's straight anthem material combining ohrwurming vocal, a a rolling emotional topography and dancing neon melodies in beautiful style. Flip it and Braiden gives a tough rework of 'Holdin' On', full of titanium cowbells, rampant R1 Ryders style bass revs and chopped vocals, but UR's Mark Flash steals the show with a Hi-tek, carnival-killing remix of 'The Look'. Very large 12"!!!

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