Friday, January 15, 2010

Scuba - Aesaunic EP

01 Aesaunic
02 Flesh Is Weak
03 Reverse
04 Golden
05 Symbiosis

Hot Flush head and dubstep-techno crossover scientist Scuba, delivers one of his most diverse packages to date with the 'Aesaunic EP'. 2009 has seen impressive releases from the man with his killer 'Klinik' 12" and that awesome 10" for Naked Lunch not long ago, but this is the one you've been waiting for, featuring five tracks crossing tempo borders and stylistic bridges with a unified sense of sparse technoid futurism. 'Symbiosis' is the biggest jump, splicing halfstep D'n'B with the extra-slow pulse of Workshop style house, already getting DJ's like D-Bridge and Instra:mental quite rightly giddy with excitement. Title track 'Aesaunic' further hones his garage techno sound with a streamlined finesse, and the brilliant 'Flesh Is Weak' shows his capabilities as a deep techno producer, fashioning a rolling 124bpm Berghain shifter to slot next to your Horizontal Ground or Dettmann warehouse blocks. The 'Aesaunic EP' is simply essential for anyone tracking the lines of techno's splintered rhythm routes deep into forward bass culture. A

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