Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fabric Presents: Elevator Music Vol. 1

1. Hot City – If That’s How I Feel
2. xxxy – Sing With Us
3. Doc Daneeka – Drums In The Deep
4. Hackman – Pistol In Your Pocket
5. Julio Bashmore – The Moth
6. Untold – Bad Girls
7. Octa Push – Doctor Bayard
8. Shortstuff – Behave
9. Skinnz – Ukraine
10. Mosca – Gold Bricks, I See You
11. Martyn – Friedrichstrasse
12. Vista – Elixir
13. Caspa & Rusko – One Of The Same
14. Om Unit – Encoded
15. Starkey – Black Monolith
16. Shortstuff & Brackles – Melvin Blue (Digital Bonus Track)
17. Hackman – Pistol In Your Pocket (Hypno Remix) (Limited Digital Bonus track)

Gaining both critical acclaim for its catchiness as much for its atmosphere, the mutant strain of 140 bpm (or thereabouts) bass music currently infiltrating the global airwaves has morphed consistently over its recent life span; cross pollinating its acres of influences into the bundles of sub genres it now houses. It's become a strain of club music that revels in biting back against the perceptions of those outside of the core scene, those who consider dubstep to simply be a swelteringly tough warbling bassline that's complimented by a half step drum pattern and some airy atmospherics.

The warm fluid basslines of dark garage, the spacious precision of techno, the unabashed bolshiness of grime; the percussion led rhythm of funky house, the wanton bump of 2-step and the erratic fluorescent synthesized harmony of skweee are all constantly being harvested, peeled and juiced by a new wave of producers who are revelling in their mission to further the cocktail of sound that dubstep is currently thriving off.

Positioned as it is, in the midst of the UK capital, fabric has seen a torrent of vivacious ingenuity pass through its brickwork over its 10 year life, but of late, there has been an invasion (as much in the offices as on the club's dancefloors) of impeccably sculpted dubstep. The 'Elevator Music' project stands as an album in its own right, becoming more than just a collection of tracks. It's a collation of all the variant strains of dubstep; a completely original and exclusive collection of future bumps that reflects the embracive nature of fabric's dance floor music policy.

Pooling tracks from established producers like Martyn, Starkey, Untold and Caspa & Rusko with a smattering of producers destined for great things come 2010, Elevator Music ticks boxes in categories and niches that don't even fully exist yet; unifying the vision of 16 producers with one simple passion.



    thanks to Neefy