Friday, January 22, 2010

Sully - The loot (remix) / In some pattern

1. J-Treole - The Loot (Sully remix)
2. Sully - In Some Pattern

Nu-skool garage prefect Sully drops his hugely anticipated winner for Blackdown's Keysound crew. Sully's been rolling with the best of them in the last few years, building a rep with neo-classics like Fact mag's fave 'Phonebox' and the choice 'Jackman's Rec' both for the Frijsfo Beats label. He's blatantly produced some of his best work yet for Keysound, stepping up a remix of J Treole's 'The Loot' with the kind of tool-sharpened percussive swing that makes limbs twitch uncontrollably while stuttering garage vox and coolin' rhodes chords give that signature London feel (despite hailing from Norwich). In our opinion, though, 'In Some Pattern' is the one, beating metallic steppers drums with juicy purple synths before sending the dance spinning with twisup hardcore breaks and back again, teetering on the edge of the bruk but keeping the energy taut and lithe so you don't look like a nob-end on the floor. Tipped for days!!



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