Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ill Blu - Bellion / Dragon Pop

1. Bellion
2. Dragon Pop

Ill Blu's 'Bellion/Dragon Pop' 12" is easily one of the most anticipated Hyperdubs in a while. In the last few years they've remixed everyone from Shystie to Cheryl Cole and their productions have figured prominently in the sets of Marcus Nasty, Kode 9 and Supa D, so they're undoubtedly one of the hottest production units around. 'Bellion' is a proper DJ special built with bouncing Funky drums and snaky shakers to hold in a superbly sparse and glassy lead marimba line. 'Dragon Pop' is the busier, and for our money - better - of the two, placing controlled congas and deep driven subs in the echo chamber, siphoning off any explicit melody to leave dancers enthralled to the melodic cadence of clipped Afro-Latin drums and subtle sub harmonics. Lovers of stripped and deadly UK dance music need these tracks, badly!

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