Thursday, August 19, 2010

FaltyDL – Phreqaflex EP

1. Phreqaflex
2. Because You
3. My Friends Will Always Say…

FaltyDL massively impresses with three 'floor dedicated garage cuts, confidently sidestepping the cluttered complexities of his two previous albums for Planet Mu. There's a feeling of spacious freedom and sensuality written all over these, from the kinky hardcore tropes of the title track and its quicksilver scuff 'n skip, right through the dubbed shuffle and empty warehouse reverbs of 'Because You' on the A-side. 'My Friends Will Always Say...' on the flip consolidates the best of both his worlds, designed with an advanced sense of jazzy electronic arrangement, yet keeping everything sparse and still poppy enough to really capture the crowd's affections. A massive tip for all future garage nuts!

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