Thursday, August 19, 2010

Peverelist - Better Ways of Living / Fighting Without Fighting

1. Better Ways of Living
2. Fighting Without Fighting

Following the unanimous acclaim for his 'Jarvik Mindstate' LP, Peverelist drops two righteously forward riddims for Punch Drunk - and for our money they're his finest yet. The Bristol ringleader has built his rep on quality, not quantity and these tracks bear testament to his prinicipled and stringently executed approach. 'Better Ways Of Living' nods to the pared down 808 aesthetic of Swamp 81 with a brittle bustling beat scaffold acting like monkey bars for a piped synth organ to twist, scuttle and roll around in, while 'Fighting Without Fighting' continues the rhythmically busy flex with slick dipping edits and bespoke dub measurements applied inna future jungle-hardcore style. His built-from-the-ground-up style and the exquisitely brief yet sprightly synth motif make this one of his very finest tracks to date and a deadly mixing tool to slip with your Ramadanman, Blawan and Joe 12"s. Utterly sick twelve - don't

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