Thursday, August 19, 2010

L-OW - Pinpoint / Diver

1 Pinpoint
2 Diver
3 Diver (Furesshu's Die Welle Edit)

After a run of smart goodies for On The Edge and Z-Audio, L-ow drops two prime dubtech swingers, backed with an elegant dub techno remix from Furesshu. Both the garage clipped roll of 'Pinpoint' and the aquatic dub flow of 'Diver' are up to the standards of label mates Indigo or Synkro, and as cleanly finished as anything by F. Furesshu's remix of 'Diver' ont he flip should gain him some attention, laying a Scion versions style dub techno roll before introducing shivering hi-hats with a Hood-esque

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